Greetings all! I'm trying to bust out some oplatek on my friends and relatives this Christmas, but haven't been able to find any recipes online..do you have to just buy it from a store? Is it more than just unleavened bread? If anyone has a recipe or related information, it would be greatly appriciated. Peace, love, and layouts...here's wishing everyone a merry christmas.

- Posted by GetUpKid from Poland on Dec 16th, 2005

I see nobody had answered before christmas... Generally we nuy Oplatek in church but recently i could seee some was sold in the street. But I have no idea where you would find a recipe

- Posted by borek.m from Poland on Dec 30th, 2005

oplatek is made in churches and usually sold there. I would check with a church. There are no recipes. You would need a very sofisticated machine even if one were available. There are many stores on the Internet that sell it also.

- Posted by rdywenur from Poland on Nov 27th, 2007

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