Do you like Warsaw?

I wonder what your opinions about Warsaw are? Do you like this city? Is it interesting, amazing, boring or wonderful? What do you like/dislike about it most?

- Posted by borek.m from Poland on Dec 3rd, 2005

This is my favourite city in Poland. Although it has several disadvantages, you can feel that it has its own climate and atmosphere. Perhaps it is noisy, difficult to live in but it is normal in big cities. I like its architecture - mix of very old buildings, some after-war architecture, communism and finally modern buildnigs! There is a kind o magic inside tthis city.

- Posted by thomas from Poland on Dec 7th, 2005

warsaw - like any big(gest) city, elicits a mixture of feelings. yes, it is noisy and big and a bit scary and big and i'm-an-ant-in-an-anthill-feeling and big. but it is also at the forefront of just about all modern marvels in this country - from business to architecture to skill sets. this city has a lot more money than most cities in poland and you can easily feel/see that. this, along with a resilience natural to most varsovians, helps take the edge off that chipped shoulder that most of us poles have. all in all, warsaw is cool, forward looking and eager to make a splash on the international arena. my prediction: everyone will hear more and more about this city as the days roll on...

- Posted by austin from Poland on Dec 7th, 2005

I've recently met TWO people who don't want to leave warsaw and move to Cracow, even when they've been offered a job there! For heaven's sake! What is it about Warsaw that you all dig so much !!!!??? I just don't get it!

- Posted by emperor from Poland on Dec 15th, 2005

busy,dirty,big,smelly but i loved !

- Posted by natascha from Poland on Dec 30th, 2005

I was only a 'tourist' lasdt March, but have biooked again to return this November. I liked the '80's feel' to the city..which is NOT a bad reflection on the city. It reminded me of Dublin in the late 1980's when 'thing were buzzin'..with a great 'Youth culture' that set the foundation for ireland today...and gave the world U2 !! So hang onto it for as long as you won't last and although properity will grow it will be at the cost of the vibrancy it has at the moment. And no..I'm not on medication or smokin' somthing funny !

- Posted by ireland from Poland on Sep 24th, 2007

i have just arrived and having visited Wroclaw, Krakow and Zakopane in the past, I prefer Warsaw without doubt. Coming from the centre of London, I love the Warsaw feel. There is culture and architecture, but also busy streets and upcoming nightlife. The eighties feel is very present, but this only adds to the unique character of the city. I will be coming back!

- Posted by Londonboy from Poland on Nov 23rd, 2007

Warsaw rules! Krakow is like Disneyland - great for a day out but would you really like to live there with all those stag groups? Ugh!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Mar 20th, 2008

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