Bored in warsaw

Hi,I am looking for people to start some hobby get together with professional people from anywhere in the world living in warsaw contently but missing some true freinds which i have a few back home in N America Showoff peeps have a great day:)

- Posted by POLCIALAGS from Poland on Nov 20th, 2009

that is a good idea ,we have some drink and have fun. feel like spending all my time just on the internet.

- Posted by ShawnBay from Poland on Nov 21st, 2009


- Posted by POLCIALAGS from Poland on Nov 22nd, 2009

Hi, was thinking the same thing. I'm a 25 year old medical student here in the city from England and would love to meet some people from outside the bubble of day to day life. I was thinking of something along the lines of an english speaking book club, but open to more adventurous ideas if you have any? James

- Posted by james222 from Poland on Dec 6th, 2009

Hi I m not in Warsaw yet but will be stationed there for 17 months starting in January. As for now I am looking for what you re looking for in a way, just a way to find people who share a hobby (Very broad described I love sports and art) But first of course I have to get settled somehow, i haven t even found a place yet. mmh

- Posted by dheeeh from Poland on Dec 9th, 2009

Hello everyone! Maybe you would like to meet some 'locals' and get familiar with the customs, mentality and learn about life of Poles. I have moved to Warsaw some time ago and still haven't found much time to make new friends here. Let me know what do you think about it!

- Posted by olimpia from Poland on Dec 12th, 2009

Hello everyone, I'm also a foreigner in Warsaw though I've already spent three years of my life here. I'm 26 year old. We're a small group of english speaking people from different countries and would be glad to meet more people. We mainly meet for gaming, but we're open for any other hobbies. The book club might be a great idea. See you soon.

- Posted by Etrechy83 from Poland on Dec 13th, 2009

I am looking to arrange some meetings etc for people who are keen to find new friends/interests, or to share some old ones. Feel free to email me if you are keen to be included in the email mailer

- Posted by lovecerys from Poland on Dec 20th, 2009

Hi, I am a Canadian just moved here 5 days ago. Would also like to meet some people! My email address is or skype Mixuemichelle Happy New Year all!

- Posted by Mixuemichell from Poland on Jan 2nd, 2010

OK, I'm in - been here a few months mostly learning my new gig... and now is the time to explore a bit. Thought I would get the ball rolling... anyone interested in meeting up on Sat. 9th? Bang bang.

- Posted by Sunny13 from Poland on Jan 2nd, 2010

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