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Hi all. I will be moving to Warsaw in the next month or so, and I will be working on a lot of writing assignments. However, I expect the place where I will be staying to be too loud to be able to work there. Do you know of any quiet, cute cafes where I can get some work done? Most important requirement: WIFI (free if possible). Thanks!

- Posted by Fruity from Poland on Aug 31st, 2009

Dear Fruity, there are quite a lot of cafes that have free wi-fi in Warsaw. There's a nice cafe/bar called Polyester in the New Town, Powiekszenie just off Nowy Swiat, and Szpilka near pl. Trzech Krzyzy. There are plenty to choose from! Good luck in Warsaw!! You'll have a blast :)

- Posted by SuperHoopski from Poland on Sep 2nd, 2009

i like the barista espresso bar in the zloty tarasy mall ground floor - however its only for short period of time bc after a while you start to crave sunlight... so maybe while the weather is still nice an outdoor cafe is better, and save this for the winter ;]

- Posted by KasiaBasia from Poland on Sep 15th, 2009

chlodna 25 is really nice....ul chlodna..

- Posted by bluestaple from Poland on Nov 7th, 2009

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