All Saints

So, from what i understand this tuesday the 1st is a national holiday...supposedly real magical with candles on graves and stuff. where can i go near the center to get a feel for this holiday? any cemeteries you recommend? i don't have any graves/family here to visit.

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Oct 30th, 2005

Poland's notables are buried at Powazki Catholic Cemetery - on the north side of town near Rondo Zgrup.AK Radoslaw [previously Rondo Babka] + easy to get to on bus #180 (the toursit's route). it's the oldest and most beautiful cememtery in the area, including Jewish and Protestant divisions > i recommend you go there; in fact, just the other day a cab driver told me that Powazki is a must on the first, so there you go! PS, for those worried about safety - the first brings many people out to places like this so i wouldn't be too worried about 'walkin after midnight'

- Posted by KasiaBasia from Poland on Oct 30th, 2005

Yes!, Pawazki Cemetery is a must, I recommend a stroll there on November 1st after evening. Amazing!

- Posted by yupisix from Poland on Oct 31st, 2005

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