Woj. marzowieckie

I will be in Warsaw in OCT. I would like to visit relatives in Woj. Marzowiecki. Is it possible to go there on public transportation.? How far is it from Warsaw?

- Posted by ludwicka from Poland on Jul 4th, 2009

hi - do you mean woj. mazowieckie? that's the region of poland where warsaw is located. do you have a specific town name perhaps?

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Jul 9th, 2009

the address is 06-213 Sypniewo. I have been trying to locate the adress on the internet but have not been successful

- Posted by ludwicka from Poland on Jul 13th, 2009

hi -there are quite a few sypniewo's in poland! but I found the one that interests you in the mazowiecki region (woj. mazowieckie). here's a link the official website of the municipality of sypniewo (sypniewo.pl) i see they have however not yet made an english version of the website :( I did a quick check and I believe you'll be able to take a bus from Dworzec Zachodni Station. The bus will be going towards Ostroleka (final destination) but one of the stops is in Sypniewo and looks like a 2hr 45min - 3hr ride. Sypniewo is north of Warsaw near Zamosc. You can try to located on http://mapa.targeo.pl/Sypniewo

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Jul 14th, 2009

Thank you. My maternal and paternal grandparents wre born in Poland. They then came to the USA. Only recently I found out I have a second cousin and her family living in this area. I will be on a pilgrimage in OCt. to Poland. I do not speak or understand Polish. Some of the basic language is coming back to me. I thought if there was time I might have the opportunity to visit them. Thank you so very much for your help. Keep in touch

- Posted by ludwicka from Poland on Jul 14th, 2009

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