Vacationing in Warsaw for 14 days

Hello, Im from New York City, and i was wondering. I will be in Warsaw in late july for 14 days break. I will be traveling solo and hopefully meet some people; but i was wondering if their is any anti-american feelings in Warsaw? Any info would be appreciated. I will be posting more and reading info as my vacation approaches. Thank You

- Posted by macc1975 from Poland on Jun 24th, 2009

i dont think you need to worry about anti-american sentiments. people are normal here - as long as you respect others they will respect you. im sure youll have great chances to share your thoughts/ideas with locals and learn more about poland while informing them of life in the us... whats the occasion for the trip - are you of polish heritage?

- Posted by 00citizen00 from Poland on Jun 25th, 2009

Im in US Military currently in Afghanistan and have my 15 days vacation coming in late July, my friend reccommended Poland for a fun vacation. Im not Polish nor speak a note of Polish, but i wanted a european vaction without using Euros and i hear the US Dollars gets good exchange rates. Im staying at Sofitel Warsaw, mainly just looking for site seeing and having a fun vacation with Polish food and drinks and nightlife of course. But traveling solo is a slight concern in a another country not knowing anyone in Warsaw LOL.

- Posted by macc1975 from Poland on Jun 25th, 2009

are you staying warsaw full 14 days? id def recommend you pop down to krakow for a few - 100pln one way + 3 hr train ride and it's a totally different city. post once youre in town we can meet up for a beer.

- Posted by 00citizen00 from Poland on Jun 25th, 2009

Im booked in Warsaw for my 14 days, but im not sure what im gonna do exactly once i get to Warsaw. Whether to hop the train to Berlin, or Prague or other cities. For sure ill probaly sign up for a tour and eat out all the time and try to find a bar/lounge that i like. Not a student/university club. Im 34 and would feel out of place in bars/clubs that cater to much younger people.

- Posted by macc1975 from Poland on Jun 28th, 2009

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