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Hello, Is there anyone with a driver's licence from Canada? If you are driving in Poland did you have to get a Polish driver's licence from scratch or is there an easier way to get one? I was told I have to reject my Canadian one and this way I only have to go through theory exam... Anyone with a similar situation ? Thanx

- Posted by innabaranec from Poland on May 4th, 2009

US license here - have heard the same thing about giving them your US licensed and just passing the written exam. Sounds good to me and will be doing it soon!

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on May 7th, 2009

Thanks and Good Luck with your driver's licence.

- Posted by innabaranec from Poland on May 10th, 2009

Hello! Technically to drive in Poland I believe you need an International License (if not a Polish one). This might be easier for you as you don't need to give up the Canadian one. Also, even though I am not a driver, I have known lots and lots of Canadian and American drivers who have gotten by just on their regular licenses. You just say you are a tourist and they don't usually care. Good luck!

- Posted by Fruity from Poland on May 27th, 2009

Thanks Fruity ! I actually went to the Ratusz and they've told me that I have to only write the theory exam, but I will have to abandon my Canadian licence and they will send it to Canada, however, it might take about 3-8 months before they get a reply back from canadian authorities...I won't wait that long so I will just go and get it here from scratch - this way I will save my Canadian as well. :)

- Posted by innabaranec from Poland on May 28th, 2009

good luck with the full exam i heard the driving part is hard - dont' they fail people just to get them to repay the 450pln exam fee??? as for canadian/us license - it reallytakes that long? well they definitely don't check; everyone just goes back to home and says their wallet got stolen and 15$ and you've got a new one...

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Jun 1st, 2009

Yeah! I also heard it takes a couple of tries before they pass you on your driving part test, but it actually costs 134pln (last time I checked, unless I missed something) I know you can say you lost your wallet in Canada/USA but what they want you to do here is to give up your canadian one so you can get the polish one - and that SUCKS!!! so I will just go ahead and try and pass the driving test... will see :)maybe I'll be in luck; lol

- Posted by innabaranec from Poland on Jun 4th, 2009

hey let us know how it goes!!! :)

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Jun 8th, 2009

you're right Kriminal! I heard from my Polish friends that examiners in Poland will fail you the first few times, no matter how well you do, it's standard practice here. They are very corrupt and expect a bribe. Sad :(

- Posted by Fruity from Poland on Jun 8th, 2009

I was told that there is actually a camera installed in every car that you do testing on so they record everything... you can't really bribe anyone even if you wanted to; lol I know a couple of girls that passed the first time, I guess we'll see.

- Posted by innabaranec from Poland on Jun 9th, 2009

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