Warsaw v. Krakow

Now then, here's an interesting one... Anybody who's lived in either Warsaw or Krakow will know that there's some competition between the two. Krakovians, coming from such a historical and cultural city, which used to be the capital, think Warsaw, the new upstart capital, is full of unpleasant money-grabbers and, additionally, is a bit of a dump. Well, I want to stand up for Warsaw. I will state it plainly here - Warsaw is better than Krakow. Warsaw has all that Krakow has to offer. It has the Old town, it has the theatres and galleries and restaurants and cafes. It has a huge cultural life. And it has a hell of a lot of far more immediate, exciting and relevant history. And what's more it's a vibrant happening place with buildings going up on every street corner - a new ultra modern skyline developing, loads of utterly stunning parks... Warsaw's got the lot. Who needs Krakow?

- Posted by barnusz from Poland on Sep 30th, 2005

Hmmm.... but Cracow has.... A completely preserved Old Town, a castle that was not smashed up and rebuilt, many more and better pubs, everything within walking distance, the Wieliczka Salt Mines nearby, Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains an hour and a half away by car, a fire-breathing dragon, NO skyscrapers, and the best football team in the country. Apart from that, you may be right!!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Sep 30th, 2005

Wow...this battle for second place could get heated. Historically, Gdansk lays the smackdown on Cracow, and with the tagteam help of Gdynia, Warsaw is nothing put a blip on the economic radar. Also, Lech Walesa's mustache counts for at least 100 points. This post is nothing more than a fight for the scraps off the tri-city's table.

- Posted by getUpKid from Poland on Sep 30th, 2005

above post is yelled in the voice of a Bad Guy wrestler...

- Posted by getUpKid from Poland on Sep 30th, 2005

Gdansk? Warsaw? Ha, ha, ha! How amusing. Everybody who's anybody knows where it's at. Krakow has the historical, cultural and, um, nightlife-ical edge on most cities on this planet, let alone in this country. We got the babes too!

- Posted by austin from Poland on Oct 3rd, 2005

Read my lips.... Cracow

- Posted by emperor from Poland on Oct 6th, 2005

AHEM, all you 'Krak'-heads are really funny... Who's got the 'capital' title now? I don't even think this needs any sort of explanation - Warsaw Rocks. All Krakow has is tourism - we've got that and much more... just look around the city and you'll see all the new investment!

- Posted by KasiaBasia from Poland on Oct 6th, 2005

Thank you KasiaBasia for standing up for this great city! For great it is indeed. I was pottering about just last night and it occurred to me that Warsaw is not just one-dimensional town, like Krakow, but a multi-faced city with everything from medieval charm (the Old Town), Parisian elegance (Srodmiescie south of Jerozolimskie), ultra-modern chique (Al. Jana Pawla), comfy leafy suburb (Muranow), groovy bohemia (Praga), retro-communist blokowisko (Ursynow), not to mention its own Versailles (Wilanow). And no doubt there's much more that even I probably haven't discovered yet. So come to my aid all you Varsovians out there! Your city needs you! And what'll I say to all you Krak-heads out there (I liked that!), if you don't like Warsaw you don't like cities. Stay in your pretty little provincial village!

- Posted by barnusz from Poland on Oct 7th, 2005

man...ya'll are just lucky that Gdansk doesn't control the foodstuffs of this entire nation anymore, or I would cut your supplies until everyone came to their senses. When my boy D Tizzle from G-Vegas takes over in a couple months, you'll regret having spoken ill of Gdansk.

- Posted by getUpKid from Poland on Oct 7th, 2005

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