Martial arts

Hi everyone! I've been in Warsaw for three months now and am looking for a martial arts school where the classes are held in English. Does anyone know of or attend classes which are in English. I am particularily interested in Tae Kwon Do but am open to other suggestions as long the teaching is in English. Thanks in advance.

- Posted by tinkerbell from Poland on Nov 24th, 2008

So someone called Tinkerbell wants to learn to kick some a**? I took some judo classes last year and was put in touch with a private trainer who was recommended by either the Sheraton or the Mariott fitness centre, I'm sorry but I can't remember which. He spoke reasonable English. It's worth asking in the big hotels but it will cost as we are talking about a personal trainer. Good luck

- Posted by Hankypanky from Poland on Nov 26th, 2008

You could try Slawomir Milczarek's Polish Praying Mantis Kung Fu Society. They are based in Warsaw at ul. Bonifacego 10. Check out the English version of their website and see what you think. Good luck.

- Posted by pieface from Poland on Dec 4th, 2008

You need to careful with martial arts in Poland. In the UK this is usually advertised as a peaceful approach to mind, body and spirit training with the added bonus of you actually learning to be pretty dangerous if need be. Have you seen some of the Polish martial arts school posters? (plenty around the railway station area) Usually they have photos of big bald guys pummeling someone's bloodied face in, or jumping on somebody' guts etc. Each to his/her own I suppose, just thought I would warn you though

- Posted by fast-eddie from Poland on Dec 8th, 2008

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