Irish Pub Warsaw

Keep noticing Maurice Morgan's name appearing in the review comments. If you're reading this Maurice, when you coming back to open a true Irish pub in Warsaw! This city really misses the Morgan touch. The crazy 'Morgan's on Tamka' days were a blast!

- Posted by Schabowy from Poland on Oct 27th, 2008

Ah yes, Morgan's on Tamka. The start of my downfall. Great fun though!

- Posted by pieface from Poland on Oct 28th, 2008

I stubbled upon a new Irish Pub in the old Town last week. It's big and will be having regular live music.

- Posted by pieface from Poland on Nov 20th, 2008

I heard that Maurice and the gang opened up a new Irish Mbassy bar in Katowice last weekend. From what I've heard it was a great opening night. Wonder if Mr Morgan will grace the streets of Warsaw once again with some Irish magic? Here's hoping! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Nov 20th, 2008

Jimmy Bradleys Pub next to Hotel Intercontinental is good.

- Posted by Lilith from Poland on Nov 26th, 2008

Yeah Lil' Bradley's is fine and Kevin is a sound geezer but there is just something not right about doing your drinking in an office block. Something you are constantly aware of when you need to go to the loo!

- Posted by Schabowy from Poland on Dec 2nd, 2008

Just in case any of you don't know, 'Dog Ugly' are playing Bradley's tomorrow night (FRIDAY 5th from 9pm)! Light blue touch paper and prepare to git low down 'n dirty. Great live band!

- Posted by fast-eddie from Poland on Dec 4th, 2008

Hello lads nice to hear ye are still thinking bout us ;@) krakow is flying katowice is neary hit the runway an warsaw thats another thing i have been lookin thr for 3 yrs now and fook all????? I am mad to open thr cause will fookin rock it old skool style lol I miss the md days of warsaw they were great an will always be a memory for me till i do it again and that i will the pubs thr are shite no craic at all whr is all the madness gone?????????// Anyway thats all for now bgud an take care ;@) I MISS WARSZAWA

- Posted by madirishman from Poland on Apr 21st, 2009

What happened to the Morgans at Tamka? I spent a lot of evenings there in the late 90:s.

- Posted by Tomas from Sweden on Jan 2nd, 2015

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