Warsaw Film Festival

Was really looking forward to this festival which began on the 10th of this month. Went last week to reserve tickets for six films I wanted to see. In the end managed to get 2 tickets for only one of the films that I had selected, the rest were all sold out. Can't believe they can put on such a fine festival programme and then have so few screenings that you just can't get tickets. Ended up ordering the last Mike Leigh film from the UK as it's already out on DVD.

- Posted by Schabowy from Poland on Oct 16th, 2008

Hey mate! Had exactly the same problems for the film fest and also a few weeks back for the cross-currents music festival. Nigh on impossible to get tickets! The one concert I did get into at the music festival was amazing (balkan gypsy/flamenco mix mayhem). Just get the feeling that organisers prefer to underestimate the interest in such events in Warsaw. Anything that is reasonably priced or free is always packed to bursting point. It's a BIG city, they need to think BIG audiences. The number of people queuing up for 'returned' tickets or the very few 'on the night' tickets (and then being turned away) at some of the music events was very sad, as was the pushing and shoving of half crazed Varsovians who were desperate to get in!

- Posted by fast-eddie from Poland on Oct 19th, 2008

Similar mayhem at the free George Clinton show in Praga a while back. Looked like everyone in Warsaw and every Pole who had moved abroad had returned just to queue up and get turned away! I stupidly turned up very early, nothing was happening so popped out for a beer and then couldn't get back in again so missed the show!

- Posted by pieface from Poland on Oct 19th, 2008

where can i find a good online list of what's on/coming up in the city?

- Posted by KasiaBasia from Poland on Oct 22nd, 2008

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