Prague Bars and Pubs

Blimey, where to begin? First of all, rest assured that whatever your preferred venue - be it cosy wood-panelled den, funky chrome affair, or refined cafe - it's all here in Prague, and probably in abundance. There's no shortage of clubs either, which usually stay open until 4am or later, compared to the pubs which wind down around 11pm or so. Beer is, of course, the traditional drink of choice for Czechs, and Czech beer rightly has an excellent reputation as one of the best in the world. Once you've sampled the original Czech Budweiser you won't be in any hurry to go back to the fizz and water they serve in the US!

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Lublaňská 48

49. Le Mirage

0 reviews
Pobřežní 1

50. Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge

0 reviews
Americká 17

51. Kavárna Blatouch

0 reviews
Americká 15

52. Kavárna Zanzibar

0 reviews
Sevastopolska 17

53. Cafe Sladkovsky

0 reviews
Bělehradská 120

54. Radost FX

0 reviews
V Jame 8

55. Escape to Paradise

6 reviews
Karolíny Světlé 1016/9

56. Bright cafe&club

2 reviews
Národní 2, Praha

57. Prague Gay Pub Crawl

48 reviews
Anny Letenské 936/18

58. Dandy

1 review
Ve Smečkách 22

59. Café Atmosferas

0 reviews
Národní 20

60. Reduta Jazz Club

0 reviews
Krymská 17

61. Patra

0 reviews
Křižíkova 238/53, Praha 8 - Karlín, 18600, Prague, Czech Republic

62. UNICORN interest club

0 reviews
Třebízského 8

63. Chemistry bar

0 reviews

64. hard rock

0 reviews

Reviews about Prague Bars and Pubs

Darling is the best. I recommend to visit this place.

Darling Cabaret

Darlin is the best club in Prague, place where you can enjoy your free time

Czech Republic,
Darling Cabaret

Darling is the best! Anybody who visit Prague must go there

United States,
Darling Cabaret

Darling is always the best

Darling Cabaret

I was there last year and they have amazing girls and very good dancers, guys try it when you are in Prague

Darling Cabaret

When I come to Prague, I make sure I visit Darling. It's my favorite club in Prague and I always enjoy a lot. Girls dancing around me, good music, great drinks... Guys, I recommend to visit this place ;-)

Darling Cabaret

This place is one of the best I've visited in Prague. Darling was good choice. If you like beautiful girls, come here. The staff is friendly, drinks are cheap and the show is just wow!

Darling Cabaret

I was there just once but it was amazing. When I saw those girls twerking and dancing, I couldn't stop watching. The place is nice, I recommend to visit it. And Skido is the best :-)

Czech Republic,
Darling Cabaret

Just scam. Don’t go. Entrance 17 euro beer 14 euro. If you give euro the rate is very low...Staff are very rude. Girls are very ordinary.

Darling Cabaret

We had a private crawl with Prague Crawl last week. Everything was as promised and we enjoy our last night in Prague as much as we could. The guide was funny and extremely talkative - maybe too much :D sorry. Anyway, recommended indeed.

Prague Gay Pub Crawl