Gay Friendly Pubs & Clubs in Prague

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Trebizskeho 4a

1. Club Termix

0 reviews
Polska 32

2. The Saints

0 reviews
V Jame 8

3. Escape to Paradise

6 reviews
Národní 2, Praha

4. Prague Gay Pub Crawl

49 reviews
Anny Letenské 936/18

5. Dandy

1 review

Reviews about Gay Friendly Pubs & Clubs in Prague

If you arrange a private pub crawl with us, our guides David or Vojta will make sure that you will fully enjoy every minute of it.

Prague Gay Pub Crawl

We had a private crawl with Prague Crawl last week. Everything was as promised and we enjoy our last night in Prague as much as we could. The guide was funny and extremely talkative - maybe too much :D sorry. Anyway, recommended indeed.

Prague Gay Pub Crawl

Went there on Saturday 20july 2019. It was closed.

Escape to Paradise


Thanks to Vojta, our guide. We had such a great night. Prague night life is really amazing if you know where to go.

Hong Kong,
Prague Gay Pub Crawl

I have not been there in a long time. Does anyone remember Jakub / Fabio. He didn't speak much English but he was a good escort. Much in demand. I hope to return someday. Best wishes. Great Club. That was bout 12 years ago --- time flies.

United States,
Escape to Paradise

Great introduction of gay scene in Prague. Do it early after arrival so you know where to go and what to do later on. Very helpful staff they make for us even a reservation of buss to go to Cesky Krumlov - very nice touch!

Prague Gay Pub Crawl

Hi pub crawl staff. I don't have a Tripadvisor profile so just wanna thank you at least here. It was the best night in Czech Rep., maybe in all Europe :) I would do it again straight away !!! Great service, great people, amazing places.

Prague Gay Pub Crawl

The guide was absolutely amazing, welcoming and sweet. I did some tours in Prague and around and the guides were OK but with this crawl it is as if you go out with a friend of yours you have known for years. Cannot recommend enough:)

Prague Gay Pub Crawl

I had some doubts. Will this really be worth the fee? Why not just go out on my own? Well. It turned out to be a very fun night. Great and friendly guide. Great group members. Fast access to all bars and clubs. And much more drinks than I expected. Had a blast. Will do it again for sure!

Prague Gay Pub Crawl