Nightclubs in Prague

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Plynarni 23

1. Cross Club

13 reviews
Křemencova 10

2. Club Nebe

7 reviews
Dlouha 33

3. Roxy

2 reviews
Novotneho Lavka 1

4. Lavka

2 reviews
Vaclavske Namesti 21

5. Duplex

4 reviews
Smetanovo nnbrezi 198

6. Karlovy Lazne

4 reviews
Narodni 11

7. N11

0 reviews

Reviews about Nightclubs in Prague

Keen to see David

Cross Club

Jason, I emailed you, We need order

Czech Republic,
Club Nebe


Czech Republic,
Cross Club

Best club in Prague. Good people, good music. But it is in bad neighbourhood...

Czech Republic,
Cross Club

Hrozne misto, samy fetaci, na toaletu uz radse vubec nechodte,pavucina,

Karlovy Lazne

Worst club in the Prague. Be vigilant and careful - instead of good and funny spend time - You can have discrimination on a national sign and destroyed health. I with me friend, want enter in this club, but tickets seller dont want let us in - because we are foreigners and dont speak czech. When I get out my mobile phone (with camera) and want do film proof discrimination on a national sign incident - he call the security, and beat phone from my hand. After that security drag me out start beating and use pepper spray - try as much as possible destroy my health.

Karlovy Lazne

I'm living in Prague now for 7 months. Nebe recently (6 months ago) opened the location at Vasclavske Namesti. Music: music clips projected on a screen. Every evening the same music, no variation (most of the time classics from the 90's or current hits). Bar / staff: worst! 1) extremely expensive (173 CZK for gin tonic, normal portion in typical cocktail glass) (70 CZK for bier in a (small) Ikea glass. 2) If you pay for example with a biljet of 200 CZK for the gin tonic, they will automatically count it as 180 CZK and give you 20 CZK back. (make your own opinion if you're ok with that. (ps: same for, for example, 2 beers of 70 CZK: payment with 200 CZK, 50 CZK in return => 10 CZK each in there own pocket, without mentionning) 3) If you do say something about it, be sure that a bar guy will blame you. Atmosphere: Nice people overthere, easy to make contacts but a lot of players / hunters on the path!

Club Nebe

The best club in prague!! Awesome music and people, it's good for you

Cross Club

Just went last Wednesday, 80´s-90´s music played, but the ambient at the club was destroyed by a big group of British posh male teens who got into the club completely drunk, and molesting the clientele, and the worst of all is that the security staff did nothing to stop them. So many people including us left the club. I don´t recommend it as the security staff allows basically anybody in into this club, and if you go with your partner it will destroy your night...

Club Nebe

the best and the cool club i ever been in prague we also visit the resturant and it was very good ... i will be back