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1. Darling Cabaret

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Reviews about Cabaret in Prague

A fucking joke of a club where friends of The owners just turn up And treat The Girls like shit.. typical Czech cunts are found in there who think money Gives them The authority to abuse Women... in reality they probably go home And knock fuck out of their wives afterwards or were bullied as kids.

Darling Cabaret

It was my first time in a club like this and instantly got the feeling I"m being ripped off here. I'm fairly certain I had to pay way too much entree free and after I complained about the drinks being too expensive they lowered the price by 300 crowns. That's just for a beer and a poor whisky/cola. Could have been J&B whisky for what it tasted like, not wort that money at all. Even in my home country, where everything is a lot more expensive, a good bottle of Chivas 12 years was less expensive than these 2 drinks. A woman approached me and asked me if I wanted some company. Me being new to this scene agreed to it and we sat down together in front of a strip pole where other girls were dancing. She started asking some questions and I answered them, but I got the feeling she either didn't the master the English language properly or she just didn't care what I said. It doesn't matter that much in the end, but if you don't want to care what I say, then fine, but don't pretend you're listening and saying things that aren't related to the topic. She started touching my body and was pushing for some private time. I finally caved in, but who wouldn't really after a good night of drinking and hands touching your body and we went to her "hotel/appartment", which was obviously a cover up for a brothel. I didn't care for it all too much and the room and bathroom were decent enough. And here is where it all started going down hill. She gave a brief and a very poor striptease while undressing me and before I knew what was going on I got asked to follow her to the bathroom and take a shower. Fair enough, she wants me to be clean, I totally understand it and she helped me shower and soap in. After the shower we went back to the room and i laid down on bed and she put on a condom for me with her mouth and gave me a blowjob. This was the worst blowjob I've ever had in my life. Never taking more than half my cock in her mouth, even tho i'm fairly average sized and, so that shouldn't be a problem at all. And above that, she didn't use her tongue once. She climbed atop of me and started doing her thing, making no noise what-so-ever and by that I couldn't get into it at all. I'm used to girls making noise, telling me it feels good or telling me what to do to make it better. But not her, she was absolute silent. After like 15 mins she told me I had to hurry up because time was almost up. I didn't understand it at first, I've only been here for 15 ish minutes, what are you on about? And then I realized the shower and poor striptease were a part of the 'rip off'. So with her putting zero effort into it and time almost being up I was actually forced to start thinking about an ex-girlfriend, who could enjoy sex, to be able to cum. In the end she even dared to ask if I wanted to give her more money so she could have a drink. Seriously? After this poor overpriced performance you dare to ask for MORE money? If I could rare this 0, I would have. Atleast for me I was better of fapping in the shower and going to a normal strip club.

Darling Cabaret

The Venue is nice and Entertaining.

United States,
Darling Cabaret

If is possible I'll give six stars WOW

Darling Cabaret

I love girls and that is the best one club in Prag, there are more than 100 girls every night, if you go other club you loose your time

Darling Cabaret

Is the best and biggest in Prag, I like it

Darling Cabaret

The best cabaret I have ever been!

United Kingdom,
Darling Cabaret