Live Music in Prague

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Kubelikova 27

1. Palace Akropolis

3 reviews
Narodni 20

2. Rock Cafe

2 reviews
Vodickova 36
Zborovska 7

4. Futurum Music Bar

0 reviews

Reviews about Live Music in Prague

where can i find partypictures of the night in akropolis? there where a man who made some pictures...

Palace Akropolis

the Rock Cafe look quite a little depressing to me ... still it is downtown so it might be worth a try

Czech Republic,
Rock Cafe

...again a little off the center but worth the detour - maybe the best place for funk, hip hop & latino in Prague (check out their website for the schedule : Best time to hit Acropolis is around midnight - it's always busy and rather crowded on weekends. This is where the best local DJs and soundsystems play.

Czech Republic,
Palace Akropolis

saw a really awesome show here last tuesday for FREE! running sushi - great local (i guess) band i've never heard, were really cool and the atmosphere and people were so laid back and cool, not like at shows in the UK where everyone is pretentious as hell. great bar!

United Kingdom,
Rock Cafe

a true indie atmosphere in prague. be sure to start out early as it's a bit of a hike from the centre, but it's the best place to catch awesome live bands - mew played there!!

United States,
Palace Akropolis