Prague entrepreneur sells canned Prague air

A photographer and recently businessman, Kirill Rudenko decided to open a unique business. He sells canned air from different parts of Prague as an alternative for traditional, cheap-made souvenirs.
"The general idea is to make people happy. That's our goal. It's a great gift associated with the place people visited, are visiting or dream of visiting," Kirill Rudenko told The Prague Post journal.
"Fresh air from Prague relieves stress, cures homesickness and helps to fight nostalgia. It is made by careful hands in the heart of the city," customers are promised. 20% of the Prague air is allegedly collected from Wenceslas Square and 20 % from Charles Bridge, with 25 % obtained from Old Town Square, 15 percent from Prague Castle, and the rest from Mal? Strana and from Golden Lane.
As Rudenko admits, some shop owners were struggling to understand the whole concept," he admits. Despite the early setbacks, he now sells air collected from many of the world's major cities, apart from hometown of Prague, including New York, Paris, Singapore and Berlin. This unique, instant trip to desired destination of the world costs $9.99 (189 Kč) and can be shipped to most parts of the globe for around $6 (118 Kč). The highest demand is currently in USA.
Prague entrepreneur is yet considering to let out a collection of cans from the most polluted places on Earth, and donate part of the proceeds to projects devoted to improving air quality and pollution reduction.


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