Second Prague Pride a Success

It seems hard to believe, but this year?s Pride festivities in Prague were only its second in history - making Prague the last European Union capital to host an event celebrating sexual minorities. While the 2011 edition had a difficult start, causing much controversy in the country?s political spheres, things seem to have significantly changed this year with politicians more often expressing support. In fact the city?s mayor went one step further, hosting a VIP launch event in honour of Pride, as well as stating that: "Prague is not Moscow, where gays and lesbians for their sexual orientation beatings by the police and their marches are forcibly disperse. If I'm mayor, it will remain so."

Ambassadors from several countries also expressed their support, including ambassadors from the US, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Ireland, and Norway.

This year an estimated 10 000 people participated in the Prague Pride parade, which concluded a full week of Pride festivities which highlighted the situation for LGBT people in Prague through talks and exhibitions, as well as a music festival.


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