Gastronomy Museum Opens

A brand new cultural attraction has opened in Prague, aimed at visitors and tourists alike - the Gastronomy Museum. First to open in the museum is the second floor, which follows the history of Czech ceramics and silverware, including flatware, cutlery, and table settings. The second floor also includes an original copy of Gastronomie Pratique by Henri Babinski written in 1907.

The Hall of Fame of the museum is also currently open, following the history of Czech and Slovak gastronomy through its most important and famous personalities. This includes chefs, confectioners, writers, and hoteliers

In total, the museum will also include sections on the development of cooking methods and conservation, Czech protected food names - all displayed in modern audio-visual presentations, of course!

Visit the Gastronomy Museum at its home on Jakubska 12 in Prague 1.


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