Terrorist 'Test' on Olso-Prague Flight

In the recently released Czech security police (BIS) annual report for 2005, there is mention of a previously unreported incident upon Czech Airlines flight OK 447 in September 2005 on which terrorists "tested" in-flight security.

The report states that three Egyptian men attempted to break into the cockpit of the plane during the Olso-Prague flight when they were discovered by the crew. The three men immediately gave up their efforts and stated that they were simply looking for a crew member because they wanted to buy chewing gum.

According to the report, it is believed that the three were not trying to hijack the plane, but rather were simply testing the security measures on board. (It hardly seems a plausible excuse...chewing gum, in the cockpit? They could have at least come up a better excuse. One can draw their own conclusion.)

The flight landed at Prague's airport safely and the three men were detained and escorted to Egypt.

No other details were provided.

The report comes about a month after Czech officials beefed up security in Prague due to intelligence gathered on possible threats of terrorist attacks on the city's synagogues during the Jewish New Year period.


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