What NOT to do in Prague this summer

Off for a short break to Prague anytime soon? The city remains an absolute must for anyone travelling around middle Europe, and its reputation as lively and cultured is well justified. But for every Canaletto there is to see, there?s always a few horses tottering through a moonlight lake. So here?s some savvy tips on what not to do and definitely what you should avoid in a city which, despite its beauty, has become a tad world-weary of the traveller at times.

First off taxis. Quite simply avoid hailing one anywhere close to the Old Town Square ? as drivers circulating this patch can charge you almost 100 crowns a kilometre (about four euro) ? the norm fare is 28 crowns ? max. A new ploy by some taxi drivers has been to plaster AAA stickers onto the sides of their cars ? mimicking the logo of a reliable and genuine Czech cab firm. Best advice ? book a cab by firm and confirm the fare first.

You can safely by-pass the Museum Mysteria Pragensis of ghosts and legends, the Wax Museum, with its toothy, grinning Franz Kafka ? a writer not exactly famed for his optimist spirit - and the charmingly named Sex Machines Museum with its 250 crown entrance fee. All three charge high fees and are frequently criticized as offering poor value for money. Best advice - stick to the Royal Castle complex - it doesn't top the city for nothing.

Despite the beauty of the streets surrounding the Old Town, a burgeoning number of stalls and shops are selling trinkets, some that at best have a dubious connection to the city. You?ll see a lot of Russian dolls ? and that?s exactly what they are Russian ? not er...Czech. Best advice - get off the beaten track for a pressie for mum.

Finally, restaurants and cafes. If taking a saunter up the castle steps beware of a restaurant/cafe ? I use those nouns loosely - entitled ?Mystic Pizza?. If a young blond girl tries to entice you in with promises of tempting apple cake, put your head down and keep walking ? unless that is you want to be parted from around 300 crowns for instant Nescafe and ?free? bowls of crisps on the table. Advice ? avoid those Aryan eyes beckoning you in from any doorways.

Prague is a magical, medieval city full of charm and delightful cafes and bars tucked away, along with some world class museums and galleries ? just check the listings on this site to see what goodies can be discovered. And hopefully your stay should be richer and more fun by avoiding all the above.


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