Ignoring UNESCO, Are We?

Although the representatives of UNESCO objected to the idea of erecting two Pankr?c skyscrapers in Prague, stating that they're too high to fit in the historical city center - one the most beautiful in Europe - the city aldermen accepted the project.

The UNESCO committee advised the architects to limit the hight of the buildings from 80 and 104 to 60-70 meters, but the City Hall argues that the decision about leaving the project as it was had been made before the UNESCO representatives visited Prague. "Although city representatives promised to respect the expert opinion of the World Heritage Committee, in fact we have witnessed the opposite. Authorities gradually issue more and more permissions for skyscrapers construction without any change" says Petr Ku�vart, a lawyer from the environment protection association "Ateli?r pro �ivotn? prost?ed?".

It seems that civic organizations which criticize the construction of the buildings in Pankr?c are going to fight against ruining the view of the city. They plan on entering a lawsuit against the city's decision.


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