Czechs Still Kicking in Euro 2008

The Czech Republic national team has so far won one game and lost one game in the UEFA Euro 2008 Championships tournament, with one game to go in their group. The Czechs' first game in the Euro tournament began with a showdown against co-hosts Switzerland in Basel, which ended with a 1-0 lead for the Czechs after substitute Vaclav Sverkos scored in the 70th minute.

Unfortunately, the second game didn't go nearly as well for the Czech team, as Portugal took the win 3-1. This leaves the Czech Republic with three points so far in the tournament, tied with Turkey and behind Portugal's six points, while Switzerland trails with 0. With one game left for each team in the group stage of the tournament, it could still be anyone's match.

The next game of the Czech Republic is vs. Turkey on the 15th of June at 20:45.


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