NATO Approves US Missile Shield

As the NATO summit goes on in Bucharest, one of the topics of discussion is the proposed American missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland. Thursday, the US and the Czech Republic reached an agreement about stationing an anti-missile radar on Czech soil, and NATO has decided it will support the project.

The proposed missile shield has long been a topic of much debate, especially since one of its main opponents is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was present at the conference as a special guest. However, NATO believes that the project will contribute to the security of both Europe and the US - while sceptics say it will compromise the security of both even more. However, even with NATO approval, in order for the missile shield project to become a reality, the Czech government must vote for the radar base, something the left-wing Social Democrats and the Communists oppose. A vote on the topic will take place in the Chamber of Deputies in the coming weeks.


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