Extremists Fight to March

In perhaps the textbook definition of insensitivity, Czech right-wing extremists (i.e. "neo-Nazis") have decided to march through Jozefov, Prague's Jewish Quarter, on Saturday, November 10th, the anniversary of the Kristallnacht anti-Jew pogrom in Nazi Germany, despite a ban of the march by the Prague Municipal Court. The Czech extremist group calls itself the Young National Democrats, and will likely be joined by neo-Nazi groups from Slovakia and Germany.

The march was officially banned by the Prague Municipal Court today, and has been criticized since it was announced both by Jewish groups and by politicians and other organizations abroad. Though the Young National Democrats have pledged to march nevertheless, opponents of the extremists will try to block their way, and the Jewish Liberal Union has reserved the Jewish Quarter for its own event on Saturday. In addition, about 1400 policemen, many armed in riot gear, are slated to be deployed to the streets on Saturday to prevent any fights or riots from breaking out, and to dissolve the extremist march should it attempt to take place. The extremists plan to meet between 3 and 4 pm in Prague's centre to attempt their march, and we can only hope that their show of hate won't be allowed to spread to the rest of the city.


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