Bradgelina in Prague

Celebrity couples might be all the rage in the UK and US, but Czechs have their shot at getting into the craze this month, when America's famous couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (often dubbed "Bradgelina" by American media) take up temporary residence in Prague. Jolie is in town until the end of May for the filming of the movie "Wanted," based on a comic book, while husband Pitt and their four children are along for the ride - and unfortunately the harassment.

Do you think you can get a glimpse at the prevalent pair? It shouldn't be too hard - just follow the sound of camera shutters! The paparazzi have already done their fair share of harassing the couple, mobbing them when they picked up their five year old son at pre-school, catching them dining on Czech cuisine, and in general annoying the duo at every chance they got. In fact, Jolie even declared the Czech Republic "dreadful" for that reason. On that note, Prague Life would like to make a request to celebrity photographers: please, stop spoiling Prague's reputation for the rest of us!


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