Polanski's Vampires in Berlin

Berlin - Roman Polanski is bringing his cult classic musical Dance of the Vampires to Berlin, where it will premiere in the Theatre Des Westens. The German musical version of his film the Fearless Vampire Killers has proved to be a big hit since its first performance in Vienna back in 1997.

Polanski is already familiar with the German capital, after shooting his Oscar-winning film the Pianist there. Polanski's most celebrated work it told the story of one man's survival in the brutal environment of the Warsaw Ghetto. Polanski was particularly qualified to direct this seminal film as he himself was subjected to the horrors of the Krakow Jewish Ghetto.

Speaking of Berlin, the director was quoted as saying: Berlin was unbelievably inspiring for me, especially these many young people. Berlin is the best place for artists, culture and architecture. And of course for the theatre. I love the Theater des Westens, it's the best place to stage the play."

Rehearsals have begun already, with the opening night scheduled for the 10th December 2006.


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