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Berlin Hotels with family rooms posted by Allen Cox

we are a family of3 adults and we are looking for hotels that offer family rooms to suit. [Read more]

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Bells below drains in Berlin posted by Alan Stancombe

I was walking past a building in Berlin. I walked over a drain cover and a bell rang. This happened every time I walked over the drain cover. Can anybody tell… [Read more]

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Steiff Bears posted by LauraK

Where is the best store in Berlin near Kreuzberg to purchase Steiff Bears? [Read more]

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Percentage of allergies in Berlin. posted by Tripti

Hi, my son suffers from allergies like urticaria, temperature changes and pollens related allergy. So how is the weather in Germany ? … [Read more]

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on holidays in berlin posted by luckyno6

Hi i will be on the holidays in berlin from the 26th of July 2014 till the 30th of july im just wondering is there any lesbian groups i could meet up with? [Read more]

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Berlin Local Guide Wanted posted by bensh2

We have openings for local guides. Local Guide Wanted About the Job Become a Local Guide - This job is just crafted for you if love to meet new people working… [Read more]

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new queer pub crawl posted by missiB

Hey Lesbians and Gays ;-) New bar hopping in Berlin, Saturdays are “Girls Night Out” and Fridays are “Gay Night”. With free shots all night and a free… [Read more]

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Weekend in Berlin.... posted by joemanton

Hello! Me and a couple of friends are off to Berlin for the weekend...Places we want to go are Tresor, Berghain and Watergate and finding someway to fit it… [Read more]

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Coming to Berlin posted by ajbell

Hallå Danish/scottish guy ion the first visit ti Berlin- Would like a guidet tothe city/nightlife [Read more]

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Our stay with lakes posted by Cherylbabe

We're looking for some accomodation near a lake with beach.Hopefully July 18th. Any recommendations welcome. [Read more]

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Rock N Roll Bingo - Who wants to play? posted by jackwharton

We can't believe it... a whole year has gone by... and that means that Rock N Roll Bingo is 1 year old... so we want to celebrate in style... so this week we… [Read more]

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Gay Festival 2012 posted by

This is the 1st Gay Culture event taking place in Skiathos Greece and you can find more info here [Read more]

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VIP entrance to night clubs posted by JENKIS

Hi I would like to arrange VIP entry to a good club in Berlin. Don't want one that is full of posers though. Many thanks… [Read more]

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City Project Manager Wanted! posted by BerlinLife

Are you an energetic, enthusiastic and self motivated sales dynamo? How do you feel about working for Eastern Europe’s leading internet guides? Lifeboat… [Read more]

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New Screen Printing Course posted by Mother

Kreuzberg’s own screen printing studio MOTHER DRUCKER is offering a beginners screen printing course starting 16th April – 7th May. Saturday's 10am – 6pm.… [Read more]

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Pilates in English! posted by sophierichards

Pilates classes in English with Sophie Richards STOTT PILATES® certified instructor. 015204423576. First… [Read more]

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Dance Classes for ladies! posted by StudioMotion

Dance Classes for Ladies Salsa Flamenco Jazz Browdway Disco Mix of latin dances and contemporary techniques is not only a good chance to learn many dance… [Read more]

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23rd April: BEFORE YOU DIE @ White Trash posted by TheDecadence

Hear, Hear! Swedish band BYd /Before You die has been nurturing its very own brand of dark, distorted, banjo-strewn Rock'n'Roll over the last few years, deep… [Read more]

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info on berlin &travelmate posted by sreepal

Hai! I am doctor attending a conference in Berlin from 2nd June to 10 th JUNE 2010.I appreciate if some one provide Info. on sight seeing in Berlin & nearby… [Read more]

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17.04.: LES DECADENTS All-Star 60’s Revue! posted by TheDecadence

LES DECADENTS ALL-STAR 60s REVUE! Come and immerse yourself in the spirit of the 60’s with the very best of the era’s golden nuggets! From the Kinks to the… [Read more]

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pubs for "mature women" :) posted by kristine68

We are a group of 7 females (age 40ish) who are staying in Berlin for a loongwe in April. We would like to get some advice on where to eat,drink and have a… [Read more]

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Berghain posted by odenan

Hi all I've heard some horror stories about Berghain - is the selection really so difficult? I don't want to stand in line forever just to be turned away. I'm… [Read more]

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29.01.: The DECADENT BEAT BAND - All-Star 60’s Revue! posted by TheDecadence

The DECADENT BEAT BAND First and Foremost All-Star 60’s Revue! Come and immerse yourself in the spirit of the 60’s with the very best of the era’s golden… [Read more]

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Blind Berlin posted by finn2009

Strange question, I know! But I am bringing a nearly completely blind friend to Berlin next month. I'm wondering if there are any things to do in Berlin that… [Read more]

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Sushi in Berlin posted by odenan

Still looking for good Mexican... But how about sushi? I love the stuff! What's the best place to eat some raw fish in Berlin? The price is not important - but… [Read more]

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mexican food in Berlin posted by odenan

I would do anything for a good burrito!! Any hints on the best one in Berlin? [Read more]

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tours of berlin posted by odenan

Hi everyone. I'd love to do a walking tour or similar to get a feel for the city - I'm more into seeing the city from a local's perspective rather than… [Read more]

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buddy in berlin posted by winkies

anyone interested in being my buddy whilst i am in berlin for 3nights 21-23may. i would like to have a gay time visting all the clubs,saunas etc. [Read more]

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art supplies posted by odenan

hello all. I will be stopping in Berlin for a couple of weeks and would like to paint a little while I'm here. Do you have any suggestions for good/cheap art… [Read more]

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Boo's Bar Berlin posted by BOOs-BAR


 BERLIN'S COOLEST & FRIENDLIEST NEW BAR Irish Staff & Management Bi-lingual staff… [Read more]

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german food posted by odenan

what's the best german food? i want to try something new and interesting when i'm visiting berlin… [Read more]

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music shops? posted by odenan

hi there, does anyone know of any good specialist cd/vinyl shops? i'm looking for all types of more experimental music... thanks! [Read more]

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visual trip in berlin posted by berlinTrip

here you can see a trip i took in Berlin using a great site called reLive! (re-live your memories. Just press the play button to play the trip and see the… [Read more]

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A very nice bar in Kreuzberg posted by carlote0

I recently were in Madame Claude, a bar near from g?rlitzer park, that just opened. This bar has a unique atmosphere with very good music and lives, with… [Read more]

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Must See Attractions posted by Holzendorfer

From Los Angeles, visiting Berlin in late May. What it the one thing I must see in Berlin, and why, please? [Read more]

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Knut fever! posted by Jabber

Anyone know where I can get hold of a Knut cuddly toy for my granddaughter? Help! [Read more]

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Berlin Love Parade - on or not? posted by berlinboy

There's a lot of rumour going around that the Love parade is not going to take place this year in Berlin. But we had rumours last year too! Anyone, anyone out… [Read more]

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trance clubs posted by msuk2007

hi i will be visiting berlin and would like to know what are the best trance clubs to go to? thanks msuk [Read more]

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can't wait! posted by adamandamber

coming to berlin 15th dec arriving around midnight but want to go out straight away .Kurf?rstendamm is where were staying . any advice to the newbys.thanx adam… [Read more]

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Nigthlife help! posted by DJ Scripcha

I'm travelling to Berlin on the 10th of February until the 14th. Can someone please give me some help with finding some club nights on those few days, I know… [Read more]

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