Berlin Bars and Pubs

Berlin is an absolute must for the party-goer with bars, pubs and clubs to suit every taste, and some of the most original venues to be found anywhere in the world. The city's famed ability to regenerate means that many a derelict shell has been revamped into the latest hip joint to be seen in. Be warned, Berlin is vast and many of the better places are hidden away - check out our directory and note down a few addresses first, or you could spend more time looking for the bars than drinking in them!

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Alexanderplatz 5

1. Weekend Club

34 reviews
Luisenplatz 1

2. Luisen-Bräu

4 reviews
Muenzstrasse 1-3

3. Marcus Brau

3 reviews
Warschauer Platz 18

4. Die Busche

0 reviews
Pettenkoferstraße 17a

5. K17

1 review
Lychener Strasse 11

6. August Fengler

5 reviews
Am Wriezener Bahnhof

7. Berghain & Panorama Bar

373 reviews
Behrenstrasse 72

8. Felix ClubRestaurant

4 reviews
Kopenickerstrasse 59-73

9. Tresor

32 reviews
Friedrichstrasse 112A

10. The Oscar Wilde Pub

21 reviews
Kopenickerstrasse 16-17

11. Spindler & Klatt

8 reviews
Kopenicker Strasse 76

12. KitKatClub

62 reviews
Torstrasse 60

13. Kaffee Burger

7 reviews
Falckensteinstrasse 49

14. Watergate Club

44 reviews
Schonhauser Allee 6/7

15. White Trash Fast Food

5 reviews
Stralauer Platz 34/35

16. Maria am Ostbahnhof

3 reviews

Reviews about Berlin Bars and Pubs

Insomnia are trying to get a review I left taken down, claiming I have never been a customer. I complained that when I went last January they were turning people away based on biological sex. Insomnia's legal team contacted the website trying to have my truthful review removed, citing German case law about proving you are a customer. Hard to do because Insomnia refuse card payments and don't provide receipts. Deeply immoral business practices


Crikey. This place is unbelievable!

Berghain & Panorama Bar

Bald bouncer at the door. KitKat Club is better.


A nice location with great Party-Concepts. The Bar staff are very good at there Job und the personel overall is very friendly big Compliments on the two Doorguys last Weekend there were some difficult Guests and they managed the Situation very professional

United States,

Best Club in Town, very polite staff, direct but friendly bouncers and good music


Great club, clean, friendly staff. It is good to take a look in the program to find the right music or theme, sometimes very surprising!


Just a racist place, I won’t raccomandate to anyone, especially Italian people.


Really racist. We was trying get in yesterday. Apparently when you are not white german you are not welcome there. Fat "security" guy was very direkt with his behaviour. Im very white but my partner is "Turkish" looking. It was enough. I can't recommend this place. Should be - Insomnia - white only -


Thaur und Kruger zogen 1993 zusammen nach Berlin. Sie versteht sich viel weniger als Frontfrau – dabei hat sie den Laden und ihre Leute, so viel ist am Interviewabend zu beobachten, voll im Griff. Aber in der Offentlichkeit mochte sie eigentlich lieber nicht stehen, auch Fotos sind ihr unangenehm. Dabei ist ihr Einfluss entscheidend – seit 30 Jahren machen sie und Thaur alle Projekte gemeinsam. Und die Hedonistenstadt, die Kirsten Kruger gerade auf einem alten Huttengelande im Harz aufbaut – mehr ist gerade noch nicht spruchreif–, konnte mit ihren gro?en Au?enflachen eine Perspektive bieten fur eine Zeit, in der Veranstaltungen in engen Innenraumen problematisch geworden sind.


They suck

Weekend Club