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If there's one thing you can say for certain about Berlin, is that this town sure knows how to put on an event. Read more

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The world famous Love Parade may have moved elsewhere for now, but admirably filling the void are the ultra-hip Popkomm music industry event and the increasingly prestigious 'Berlinale', the city's very own film festival - and that's just for starters. Thanks to the potent mix of Teutonic organisation and the city's unique artistic vibe, there's always something cooking in the capital!

Whether you're in town for a weekend or you live here we hope you'll find our events section a useful guide to what's going on in the city, from rock concerts to contemporary art exhibitions. Rather than list the opening of every letter in Berlin we are concentrating on bringing you some top highlights, with all the must-attends plus one or two esoteric choices to keep you guessing. Check out our monthly listings (see above) and you'll find the hippest happenings in the realms of jazz, theatre, opera, ballet, art, festivals and plain good-old parties.

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