Weekend in Berlin....

Hello! Me and a couple of friends are off to Berlin for the weekend...Places we want to go are Tresor, Berghain and Watergate and finding someway to fit it all in for the weekend? We were thinking Tresor on the Friday, as we know the door policy is relaxed, and then Berghain/Watergate Sat and Sun, but what is the best way to go about it? I know about Berghain's notorious door policy (bearing in mind we are 3 experienced clubbers, who love techno and house music and have followed it around the country and Europe). So maybe thinking going Watergate for 2am, staying there til 7, 8am and then heading to Berghain. But worried about not getting in. So may try Berghain 2am and if that fails go to Watergate and then maybe try Berghain on Sunday about 10-11am after a couple of hours sleep. How does that sound? And any tips on how to get in Berghain? I know to be quiet in the queue, speak German when asked how many, and dress down, which we do anyway. Like I said we're experienced clubbers and coming to Berlin for the music. Any tips, advice will help. Thanks guys.

- Posted by joemanton from Germany on Aug 2nd, 2012

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