Rock N Roll Bingo - Who wants to play?

We can't believe it... a whole year has gone by... and that means that Rock N Roll Bingo is 1 year old... so we want to celebrate in style... so this week we are rocking bingo vibes not once but twice... a birthday party at our home White Trash Fast Food on WEDNESDAY 4TH APRIL and an EASTER SUNDAY SPECIAL (8TH APRIL) @ SCHANKWIRTSCHAFT LAIDAK, NEUKOLN!! Its going to be a messy week with a shit load of Bingo to boot!!! 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY *** Its on Wendseday 4th April - *** 3 games - 9.30pm, 10.20pm, 11.00 pm *** 3 AWESOME CASH PRIZES TO BE WON *** FREE to Play *** FREE CD + Vinyl Giveaways *** WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD, Schönhauser Allee 6/7 10119 Berlin U bahn: Rosa Luxemburg Platz EASTER SUNDAY SPECIAL *** Its on Sunday 8th April - *** 3 games - 9.30pm, 10.20pm, 11.00 pm *** 3 AWESOME PRIZES: * A whole Laidak quiche or lemon cheesecake to share with your crew * A bottle of Yugoslavian moonshine * Night out for 2... cinema tickets for 2 at the Rollberg Kino and pre drinks/quiche at the Laidak... *** FREE to Play *** FREE CD + Vinyl Giveaways *** SCHANKWIRTSCHAFT LAIDAK - Boddinstrasse 42 Berlin 12053 - U-Bahn: Rathaus Neukoln/Boddinstrasse So those are the facts...the only thing left to come down and enjoy the fun! Come celebrate our birthday and a holiday celebrating chocolate eggs...As well as a whole hog roast of Bingo, we also host an after party which carries on into the early hours of the morning. The DJ's play everything from Rock, Punk, Pop to Hip Hop.

- Posted by jackwharton from Germany on Apr 3rd, 2012

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