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Lviv's Museum of Chocolate, is a treasury of information on chocolate, and a showroom for the...
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Lviv - The Lion Awakes!

Lviv, Lwow, Lvov, Lemberg, Leopolis... it's a city of many faces. Don't expect the pristine perfection of Prague, but nor the millions of tourists for that matter. What you can expect is a dash of magic, as Lviv can hold its own with the most beautiful of Europe's cities. This dreamy metropolis has been both the capital of Habsburg Galicia, and a key city in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Today it's Ukraine's sweeping second city. The people are full of spirit, there's a banquet for culture vultures and the architecture can hardly fail to bowl you over. We're proud to present the first English travel guide to Lviv, and you'll find here all the info you'll need to plan your trip to the 'Lion City'. You can follow the links for tips on culture, travel and general info, and there are also a host of options when it comes to restaurants, hotels, bars, shops and things to do.

Lviv is on the crest of major change in the wake of Ukraine's Orange Revolution. Visa requirements have already been relaxed for the Summer of 2005, a pattern that looks set to continue as Ukraine strengthens its bid to join the EU. We're always enthusiastic to hear your thoughts on the city, and if you have any personal tips on Lviv, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to hear your traveller's tales, as well as your thoughts on travel in the Ukraine in general.

If you're exploring Eastern Europe, a trip to Lviv could easily be combined with visits to other cities such as Warsaw and Cracow. The latter especially has much in common with Lviv - they were once sister cities. Lviv has been neglected by travellers for many years. Pack your bags and you've still got a chance to catch it before it's touted as 'the new Prague'. We'll see you there!

With warmer weather returning, wandering Lviv's streets is a pleasure in itself. For a fantastic view of the city, head up to the High Castle (Vysokyi Zamok) for a perfect panorama. Meanwhile, lovers of literature might try Stanislaw Lem, whose own autobiography 'High Castle' recalls his childhood in the city. The great man passed on last year, and if ever there was an uncrowned Nobel candidate, then it was the mischievous Lem. We'll see you in the city....!