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Ever wanted a part in a James Bond Film? Well, now's your chance to strut it for real with a trip to one of Lviv's jolly casinos. You're bound to meet some interesting characters, and there'll be plenty of vodka on hand, shaken, or indeed stirred.

Alternatively, after three nights in town you may want to see another side of the region. Why not leave the hubbub of the city behind and head for the countryside - the Carpathian mountains live up to all the romantic turn of the century hype, whilst there are also some stunning old castles in striking distance of Lviv.

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1. Pidhirtsy Castle

5 reviews
Mitskevich 6/7 lviv

2. Split

10 reviews
Shevchenka Prospect 10

3. Grand Club Casino

1 review

4. Slavske Ski

2 reviews
Shevchenka Prospect 10

6. vrquest Edge

0 reviews

Reviews about Lviv Leisure & Entertainment

Was a Nice Evening! Sadly its so fare away i Would Come back Every Day to see My Lady again!



Slavske Ski

Great girls, but watch out for the prices, you can be ripped off if you're not careful! Always confirm your order.


I'll definitely be coming back here when the snow arrives, had some great hiking trips.

United Kingdom,
Slavske Ski

Popped into this place on a rainy day in Lviv, the pool isn't huge but it's a nice enough place to relax for a few hours.

United Kingdom,
Grand Hotel Fitness Centre

Absolutely worth seeing!

United States,
Pidhirtsy Castle

While my wife was shopping, my friend and I found this place. Had a good time playing poker, though low stakes, and came home down a few hundred and late to the missus. Probably deserved that ass-chewing, but better than shopping!

United States,
Grand Club Casino

The club is outstanding in more ways than one. Besides the private strip club which is separated from the rest of place they have excellent food, great drinks, nice music, nice gambling side great cigars and everyone was polite. I met people there that the next month they would take me to local hang outs not asking for a dime. Classy people. Can't wait to go back

United States,

expensive and girls are not the best

United States,

Magnificent food, try the Sushi. I have traveled a lot and I find Sushi unbeatable. Very good service. I took my Armani jeans and a T-shirt. It felt like I really said plat so I went after the suit for good food. With costume it felt like the casino was the next place to look at. I played Russianpoker, totally new to me a beautiful girl explained the rules and I played until I had a pile of chips. Then I went and put everything on red at roulette only problem is that max effort seemed to be in 1500 grivna. I love games and good food this is a good place. Look forward to go there again.