Lviv Hotels

From exquisitely restored Habsburg era greats to retro spy thriller surprises, Lviv has some intriguing choices in the hotel orbit. Most of the well known names are bang in the centre of town, so things are straightforward enough on that front.

There's also a flourishing culture of renting private rooms, an option that will give the traveller an authentic flavour of life in the city, and for a very reasonable price. In the top level hotels you won't have a problem speaking English, whilst elsewhere, it's time to get creative - dig out that Ukrainian phrasebook and have a crack at the lingo.

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Sichovykh Striltsiv 8

1. The Kosmonaut Hostel

7 reviews
Svobody Ave, 13

2. Grand Hotel

5 reviews
Svobody Avenue 45

3. Hotel Opera

3 reviews
Mickiewicz Square 1

4. Hotel George

8 reviews
Shimzeriv 22

5. Hotel Eney

2 reviews
Franka 73

6. Hotel At Burger

1 review
Zelena 109

7. Yellow House Hostel

1 review
Svobody Prospect 12

8. Hotel Wien

2 reviews
Hlinky 7

9. Zamok Leva

1 review
Teatralna 16

10. Leopolis Hotel

1 review
Yana Mateika St, 6

11. Hotel Dnister

2 reviews
Volodymyra Velykoho 50

12. Hetman

1 review
Shevchenko 154 b

13. Hotel Nton

0 reviews
Lypynskoho 60a

14. Volter Hotel

0 reviews
Kniazia Romana 20

15. Hotel Swiss

0 reviews
Storozhenka 21

16. Hotel Irena

0 reviews

Reviews about Lviv Hotels

The bathrooms in this hotel are extremely old and worn and not in the least clean-looking (lots of permanent stains). I do think they are clean, but the permanent stains make them seem horribly dirty. Very bad bathrooms in my opinion. The room was old but clean and perfectly adequate . Tons of heat- very cozy. The amazing breakfast makes up for any deficiencies in the rooms. It was by far the best breakfast buffet, beautifully prepared food as well as beautifully displayed. Huge amount s of food - all great ! Could not be better. Nice location - close to park. Can't understand why our bathrooms were so horrible . Other people's comments don't mention that. Also - had no hot water in the shower for 48 hrs.

United States,
Hotel Dnister

Do not forget when you comment so well about Lviv, that it was Lwów and a very pleasant city in the east of Poland. Since the post 1945 partition of eastern Poland the city of Lwów has gone to ruins. Lwów was a wealthy market town on the north-south and east-west trade routes across central Europe for generations. Lwów had always had a reputation in Poland for its academic and intellectual background and the city was well renowned for its reputation for supplying top rate doctors to Polish society.

United Kingdom,
Grand Hotel

Cool hostel! Very nice accommodations, clean and cosy. The best place to stay while travelling with friends. Helpful staff: organized excursions, tickets to the theatre! Free wifi, so after nice day discovering historical Lviv, you can connect to Internet and chat with friends. Thank you for pleasant stay!

Yellow House Hostel

we tried to book Kosmonaut , but there was no answer , and we stayed in Roxelana Hostel . It was great experience in Roxelana Hostel , they build new showers , bathrooms , each guest has its own safety deposite box , storage box , wi-fi , free breakfast. great breath taking castle ! very nice clean hostel.

The Kosmonaut Hostel

very nice hotel on the hill above a city park with pleasant views, conveniently located near 2 biggest Lviv universities. Nice clean rooms, good restaurant, very nice, helpful staff

United States,
Hotel Dnister

A decent hotel to stay in. Lots of character, and probably the best location in the city.

United Kingdom,
Hotel George

I've just returned from Eney Hotel and I definitely recommend it. It is located in a walking distance from the main square. Main advantages of the Eney are: clean rooms with free internet, nice pool, very good hot breakfasts, guarded parking and convenient location with acces by car. The personnel were very helpful, friendly and professional. Extremely good value restaurant. I travel a lot for my work, but this is absolute the best hotel I was ever in. It really enjoyed being there.

Hotel Eney

Mighty posh! But we were still made to feel very welcome great stuff

United Kingdom,
Hotel Opera

It was my first visit to Lviv and I stayed at this hotel - just terrific!!! The rooms and facilities are renewed,though the spirit of the history is preserved; the hall is impressive and the atmosphere, created by the staff is very hospitable and warm.

Hotel George

A beautiful hotel. Impeccable rooms.

United Kingdom,
Hotel At Burger