Lviv Culture

It's said that when the stone lions that stud the city notice a young maiden strolling by, the mighty beasts let out a roar. However, being distinctly cultured fellows, they roar in a fashion which we humans cannot perceive. Travellers with a lion's appetite for culture, however, will be pleased to hear that you won't have to look far to find treasures in Lviv.

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Svobody Prospect 28

1. Opera House

4 reviews
Virmenska 35

2. Dzyga Cultural Centre

2 reviews
Drukarska 2

3. Pharmacy Museum

1 review
Katedralna Square
Kopernika 15

5. Potocki Palace

1 review
Rynok Square 2
Rynok Square 6

7. The Royal Mansion

1 review
Virmenska 7
Stefanyka 3

9. Lviv Gallery of Art

0 reviews
St. Yura Square 5

10. Greek Catholic Cathedral

0 reviews
Mechnykova St, 33

11. Lychakiv Cemetery

0 reviews
Banakha St

12. The Eaglets Cemetery

0 reviews
Rynok Sq 6

13. Chocolate Museum

0 reviews

Simply walking the streets is a pleasure, whilst you could spend several days exploring the delights of the Old Market Square alone. In amongst all these grand old buildings are some tremendous museums. You can savour everything from priceless religious icons in a fine old mansion to the gothic charms of a three hundred year-old (and still functioning) chemists. Meanwhile, Lviv's Gallery of Painting boasts an array of Central and Eastern European art that can put the collections of many better known cities to shame. Musical wayfarers too, will find treats in store. Besides the odd classical performance in one of the city's ancient churches, there's a sublime opera house on hand. At various times of year the romantic old opera house gets involved in Lviv's musical festivals. Last but not least, film buffs may not be able to resist a trip to one of Lviv's eccentric old cinemas, which may have you feeling like you've become a character in a film yourself.

Reviews about Lviv Culture


United Kingdom,
Potocki Palace

I was hear at 2008.i liked very much Lviv. I saw the Opera. It was wonderful.

Opera House

Yes, I would like to have some information about the Roman Catholics for connection, to make some friends passively, I am hoping to come and visit in Lviv, Ukraine some day. Thank you and God bless, David G. Michaelson from Alaska, USA,

United States,
Roman Catholic Cathedral

It was the most fascinating thing we saw (for me anyway). It seems they had quite sophisticated measuring equipment all that time ago - and maybe also some ideas about alternative medicines that we have now lost.

Pharmacy Museum

The museum interesting in itself, but the palace is beautiful and definitely worth seeing!

United States,
Bandinelli Palace Museum

The cultural center has transformed itself into more of a contemporary arts center. The cafe is a nice spot to meet friends and talk about art and such things.

Dzyga Cultural Centre

A simple museum. The window frames were quite photogenic, though with reflections of the square.

United States,
Bandinelli Palace Museum

Church buffs will enjoy this one.

United Kingdom,
Armenian Catholic Cathedral

Yeah, Opera house is marvellous!

Opera House

Orhnyal e Asztvadz!

Armenian Catholic Cathedral