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What's the weather in Krakow like?

What's the weather like in Krakow? It's an important question for the adventurer setting sail for Poland, especially when you bear in mind that the temperatures in Krakow can vary enormously, with minus twenty not uncommon in winter and plus thirty, or more, often registering on the thermometers during summer. Definitely best then to check the weather forecast before you set off! Generally speaking the weather in Krakow remains warm from May to September, and although blue skies and sunshine are the norm, they are frequently broken up by showers and storms - in other words only the imprudent leave a brolly behind! Autumn can be surprisingly mild, with t-shirt weather lasting until October or even November (in what are known as 'Golden Autumns'), but when Big Bad Winter does settle in you'd best be prepared. January and February tend to be the coldest, with hat, thick gloves and socks, and leggings all essential. March and April tend to be on the unpleasant side of cool too, so once again check our Krakow weather forecast above and veer on the safe side.


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Wendy from United Kingdom Reply Apr 3rd, 2016

Hi we going to Kraków tomorrow need some advice on suitable clothes to pack ? Thanks

martina Oliver from Ireland Reply Jan 27th, 2016

Hi all . Going over to krakow Monday. What the weather like at the moment. Was going to bring a snow pants and boots, but weather forcast is telling me it going to be 9 to 11 . Any advice would be greatful. First trip and dint know what to expect.

Editor from Poland Jan 27th, 2016

Some warm clothes might come useful, but no heavy duty clothing is needed:) I believe this year's winter is over, at least for now. It might come back, though, and quite surprisingly, e.g. in March...

Suey from United Kingdom Reply Nov 30th, 2015

Hi all, Can anyone tell me the snow situation in Krakow at the moment? Due to go in 12 days just wondering how to prepare!

Editor from Poland Nov 30th, 2015

Hi, It's not exactly snowing yet, though we've had some snowfall already. They say it's going to rain this week. In terms of packing, I'd go for warm clothes, with a touch of waterproof - caps, scarves and gloves recommended, too. Regards!

Guest Reply Oct 15th, 2015

went to Krakow 4-7th October weather was absolutely beautiful not what I was expecting so took all the wrong clothes had no rain just sunshine until last day when cloudier and cooler so much colder here

Peaches N Cream from United States Reply Sep 27th, 2015

Brrr sounds just like the weather in NH USA, (north of Boston Massachusetts)

Mark from United Kingdom Reply May 21st, 2015

What happened to the sunshine? :(

Guest Reply May 26th, 2014

Amazing weather right now - enjoy!

Elias from Sweden Reply Feb 23rd, 2014

I can't see the sun in Krakow at all, it's to much smog in the air. I hardly see 10 meter in front of me

Guest Reply Aug 9th, 2013

37 degrees today - loving it !

Katie from United Kingdom Reply Aug 2nd, 2013

I love this sunny weather :)

emerson fassy from Brazil Reply Jul 28th, 2013

Congratulations for JMJ 2016 in Cracowia, Good Luck

Jim Bogner from United States Reply Feb 10th, 2013

Can send me or give me a link to weather records for the month of December? this past December 2012 would be fine. I want to see the highs and lows on dates around December 2-6. thank you.

SAZ from United Kingdom Reply Feb 3rd, 2013

hi could you tell me what weather will be like early march heading over 7th to 10th march. many thanks

Gloria Jo from United States Reply Sep 23rd, 2012

If you're planning on visiting Krakow I would highly recommend you bring a raincoat or umbrella. I've been living in Krakow since June and there hasn't been a month where it has not rained. Sometimes you get a sunny day but then a sporadic rain in the afternoon or the other way around. No wonder it is still so green!

Rin from Singapore Reply Sep 16th, 2012

Saw the weather forecast for the next couple of days. Not too sure if I require thick coats as the nights can be quite cold, as low as 10 deg? Am from Singapore so its a total new experience altogether. But yes, can't wait to party non-stop! :D

karenf from United Kingdom Reply Sep 12th, 2012

Four of us venturing to Poland for the 1st time on 13th Sept2012 - Can't wait - our guide for the week is a Polish friend - so lots in store - will report much to do...

Kevin from United Kingdom Reply Aug 26th, 2012

Suggest you pack everything we have been here for a few days and have worn shorts and tee shirts now today is Sunday and it's raining but still warm !!

jane parkinson from United Kingdom Reply Aug 15th, 2012

can someone please please please tell me what to expect the weather to be like in krakow im going on august 27th for 9 days and dont know what to pack also can anyone tell me the best cheap restuarants im staying in the hotel galicyica please help

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Jul 30th, 2012

I booked a taxi through your website and it was very efficient. We are returning in September for our 3rd visit. Will certainly book through your site again. Many thanks.

Rin from Singapore Reply Jul 22nd, 2012

Very excited to see Poland for the first time in September! Hope the weather will be good. ;)

kathy from United Kingdom Reply Jul 9th, 2012

went krakow dec 2011 fab time food great found people really friendly going again this new year anyone been there at that time would like to know what it was like

Gunilla from Sweden Reply Jul 13th, 2012

A beautiful and lovely town! Was there in june 2012 for the first time and just love it!! Going back now in september 2012....longing!

Muhammad siddique from United Kingdom Reply Jun 8th, 2012

Krakow city which I met met my girlfriend first time and now we have been together almost 4 years one of the best city nice and friendly peoples I always to be there.

lilly mcdonagh from Ireland Reply May 28th, 2012

i love kracow.and this website is so informative.i am going back to kracow in july again.

Peter corrigan from United Kingdom Reply May 24th, 2012

Going to cracow for 5 nights Friday june Ist...Looking forward to it very much...

JAYNE OWEN from United Kingdom Reply May 23rd, 2012

Going back to Krakow for the 4th time this weekend, cant wait! Dont miss Aperetif Restaurant and the Wawel Hotel is just fabulous!

Sean O Loughlin from Ireland Reply May 8th, 2012

My 1st time to Poland.Amazing people can not do enough for you.Good food good prices clean rooms.Cannot wait to come back.

mike from United Kingdom Reply Apr 28th, 2012

going back for the seventh time on thursday 3/5/12. What a great place to visit, lots to see, good food, good beer, great local people, and a great place to chill out and relax

Rodrigo from Chile Reply Apr 28th, 2012

It´s getting hot and sunny this saturday and sunday, arround 27C.

John from United Kingdom Reply Apr 26th, 2012

Going to Krakow on Sunday for 5 days and keeping an eye on the weather there. It's cold and rainy here but looks dry and warm there. Am I correct?

nicky from United Kingdom Reply Mar 9th, 2012

going to krakow sunday dont no what clothes to take with me is it still frezzing there

Linda from United Kingdom Reply Feb 29th, 2012

Going back to Krakow next week. Is it better to layer clothes under a slightly lighter coat or have both heavy jumpers and then a fleece lined coat?

Alan, Lesley, Steve & Mandy from United Kingdom Reply Feb 24th, 2012

Incredible place to visit. I think anyone with a conscience should visit Auschwitz, but prepare to be shocked by what man can do to fellow men. Krakow was freezing cold when we visited, and the River Vistula was frozen over with a blanket of snow on top. Very beautiful indeed

rob from United Kingdom Reply Feb 18th, 2012

Sun is beginning to come out. Still cold - but I think Spring is finally on its way! Had enough of the cold weather, thanks.

Alison from United Kingdom Reply Feb 15th, 2012

We have just had a lovely weekend in Krakow. It was freezing but we took warm clothes and as other people have said layers, layers and more layers. We did Shindlers factory, Auschwitz was very sobering and thought provoking. I actually think I will often think of that place throughout my whole life. Definately going to go back at some point to see more.

geoff from United States Reply Feb 11th, 2012

freezing here!

mick from United Kingdom Reply Feb 11th, 2012

get to ck brower fab pub and try the beer towers

Dee from United Kingdom Reply Feb 11th, 2012

Im going to Krackow on 14th Feb. I have ski trousers is it worth taking them to walk around to stay dry and warm or are jeans and thermals adequate?

diane greaves from United Kingdom Reply Feb 9th, 2012

I am going to Kracow on Sunday for 3 days with friends. We have 3 tours ready booked and have left a little time for exploring around krakow itself. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on clothing for evening..for bars or restaurants. If its minus 20 outside what sort of things do you wear to go out in? I am trying to pack and have thermals and layers but would look a little odd wearing these in a bar.

tracey jone from United Kingdom Reply Feb 8th, 2012

got back from krakow on sat4th, so cold -20, but what an experiance, take leggings to wear under jeans,and lots of layers of clothes, lovely place, food great,marmalada, and the medival restaurant off the square, very good, trip to auschwitz a must, will def go back when a bit milder to explore more.

Rachel Boden from United Kingdom Reply Feb 7th, 2012

looking at booking Krakow for my birthday weekend in November/December. when are the christmas markets on? places to stay,drink and eat? there will be around 20 people in my party, so any advice would be appriciated thanks

Tracey Forsyth from United Kingdom Reply Feb 6th, 2012

Just got back on the 5th feb 2012 weather was freezing but we were there 2 years ago so knew what to expect.I love Krakow and i would move there in a second.We stayed at The Bluebells apartments,very basic but everything you need is there and the staff are very polite and very obliging. Take lots of warm clothes with you if you plan to go around jan-mar.A visit to Auschwitz Saltmines & Schindlers factory is a must see i was very impressed with the salt mines,Auschwitz is what you would expect it to be ... Very sad it would make the hardest man cry. Oh and before i forget ...we also went to the ghetto and we noticed a police car sat just outside the Eagle pharmacy ...they wait there to see if anyone crosses the tram lines by foot,if you do this you will be fined on the spot so do use the underground if there is one there.Im not sure if this is a law over there but im gonna check it out.A couple who stayed in the same hotel as us told us they were fined 50 zloty each on the spot,if they didnt pay it was a trip to the police station so be careful when crossing at tram stops use the underground if there is one there.

Cat Marshall from United Kingdom Reply Feb 6th, 2012

Just come back from 4 wonderful days in Krakow. -20 when we were there. Never felt cold like it, but absolutely beautiful place, so the weather only added to it with the snow and frost. Can recommend hot choc with cherry vodka and you must visit the Camelot Cafe! Auschwitz trip and Schindler's factory a must if you haven't been before. Stayed at Queen Boutique Hotel - wonderful place. Paid a little more for a balcony room with an amazing view of Wawel Castle. Would deffo go back.

john carroll from United Kingdom Reply Feb 4th, 2012

What will the weather be like in mid March I am coming over then, is it boots and gloves still?

MARCO from Italy Reply Feb 4th, 2012

Volevo dire martedì 7

MARCO from Italy Reply Feb 4th, 2012

Io arrivo mercoledì 7 . C e quache altro italiano li per quel periodo?

Jamie from United Kingdom Reply Feb 3rd, 2012

If you are planning to visit, bring EVERY item of warm clothing you have - thermal underwear ideal! It is absolutely freezing right now - never felt anything like it in my life!

Ray Thomas from United States Reply Feb 2nd, 2012

We have just returned from krakow for short stay. Catch bus 292 from airport. Goes right into old town. Get off at cracovia football stadium. Cost about 70p.

neil from United Kingdom Reply Feb 1st, 2012

i am going on sunday whats the best way from the airport to the centre of krakow

JOAN-LANCASHIRE from United Kingdom Reply Jan 29th, 2012

I'm going for EASTER,just been in M&S to ask EXCHANGE RATE she saikd 5.75Lottie for £1 Also my New Next Door Neighbour He comes from their so gave me a lot info about it and to go SALT MINES are a must if nothing else All Enjoy

garth from United Kingdom Reply Jan 29th, 2012

im going to krakow on 9th feb 2012 for a few days, can any one who has been there recently tell me what the exchange rate is there. ive been told i get a better rate im krakow than in the uk. reguards

Linda Wright from United Kingdom Reply Jan 25th, 2012

i went with my daughter to Krakow on 17th Nov 2011, we had a fantastic time ,we went to salt mines, tour of castle,Auschwitz, weather was really cold, always freezing or below, but can't wait to go back it is such an atmospheric city,the main square is amazing- i love it

Eddie from United Kingdom Reply Jan 11th, 2012

Hi all, visiting the city next week for a few days, wondering if anyone has a recent review of the new Indian restaurant 'Buddha'....? Regards.

DRU BRUCE from United Kingdom Reply Jan 8th, 2012


gareth rickard from United Kingdom Reply Jan 7th, 2012

cant wait to go to Kracow at the end of January with my daughter and a mate from work who has been many times and says its fantastic there , i will give a good feed back on my return

Lucie from United Kingdom Reply Dec 17th, 2011

Am thinking of going the last weekend in January but am a bit scared about the weather!! Does it affect the planes and is it likely to be too cold to enjoy ourselves?!

Hilary Minor from United Kingdom Reply Dec 7th, 2011

I'm singing with Elmbridge Choir in the Advent Festival. This my first visit to Krakow and I can't wait to get there; I've heard so much about this beautiful city!

Paula from United Kingdom Reply Dec 6th, 2011

My second trip to Krakow, this time with the Elmbridge Choir. We are off on Thursday for the weekend and would love to see some snow! So excited!!

benji from United Kingdom Reply Dec 5th, 2011

going to cracow on thursday, hope to see some snow, cant wait.

carla from Spain Reply Dec 4th, 2011

We fly tomorrow for 5 days. I wish to see some snow!!! I can't wait...

Derek from United Kingdom Reply Dec 4th, 2011

I am going to Krakow this Thursday for four days with the Elmbridge choir hope it is not too cold its our first trip

Dan from United Kingdom Reply Dec 3rd, 2011

Coming to Krakow on Monday. Have only heard great things about the place. Can't wait!!

cathy from United Kingdom Reply Nov 28th, 2011

comming back to krakow on thursday hope it snows by then

sue from United Kingdom Reply Nov 26th, 2011

went to krakow this year we had a lovely time and want to go again next yaer when its snowing been told its a lovely time to go.

Violka from Poland Reply Nov 25th, 2011

Hello Anne-Marie, I am afraid that there is no snow yet, but the weather is really chilly - round about zero degrees with high level of humidity. We are also expecting few rays of sunshine soon!

sharon, northern ireland from United Kingdom Reply Nov 24th, 2011

Coming back to krakow on sunday. spent a few days in this city last year and loved it. cant wait to get back!

Anne-Marie Lloyd from United Kingdom Reply Nov 22nd, 2011

I am leaving the UK tomorrow for a three day break in Krakow - any snow yet guys or does anyone know the accurate weather forecast as they seem to vary from site to site Thanks x

Andrea from United Kingdom Reply Nov 22nd, 2011

Coming on the 4th December for three nights. Have been 8 times and adore the place. My ancestors are russian and polish so it has a special magic for me. Hoping it snows although it can be hard to walk in!! However would be good if its frosty/foggy when the christmas market is on as its so atmospheric

Jan from United Kingdom Reply Nov 18th, 2011

If you are going to Krakow in late November take some warm clothing - it can be grey, miserable & a little chilly - don't let that put you off. Krakow is a wonderful city - my partner & I are going back again (3rd time this year).

shane mccabe from United Kingdom Reply Nov 14th, 2011

going to krakow on the 30th nov for 5 nights on my tod if anyone wants to meet up and show me about 28 yr old male

John Wicksted from United Kingdom Reply Nov 6th, 2011

Going to kracow end of November. 1st time. What will weather be like. Want to take appropriate clothes.

BRENDA STEVENS from United Kingdom Reply Nov 3rd, 2011


Lorenzo from Canada Reply Oct 17th, 2011

coming on the 22 oct...... cant wait

sarah from United Kingdom Reply Dec 9th, 2011

im off to Krakow in January i really hope there is snow!!!!

Basia from Poland Reply Oct 15th, 2011

Hello, At the moment it is about 10 degrees, next week it gives even 15 Celsius. It is really hard to say - can be sunny , can be rainy. I would definitely bring a warm jumper!

Phil Clark from United Kingdom Reply Oct 14th, 2011

So what is the weather like in October? coming on the 21st dont fancy bringing clothes for every season as where only bringing hand luggage

balsam from United States Reply Oct 1st, 2011

i am from iraq baghdad i will travel to krakow for a conferance in october and i am worried, may be if i can get a full map, i might calm a little bit

Jake from Australia Reply Jun 18th, 2011

Found this useful. I have heard that the summer weather can be great, so fingers crossed for my visit next month (July) - Jake!

ab from Malta Reply May 16th, 2011

how is the weather in Krakow in August?

Mike from United States Reply May 10th, 2011

Fantastic sunny day today - 22 degrees! Summer here we come!

Trigger from United States Reply Apr 6th, 2011

Going to Krakow next week for a stag party. Any recommendations?

Jitesh Mistry from United Kingdom Reply Mar 28th, 2011

Going to Krakow on a boyz tour (this will be our 8th) with a few mates this Thursday for 4 days. Looks a great place to visit and looking forward to Polish food, beer, culture & hospitality. Let you know how we get on on our return -Jit Bristol

John wright from United Kingdom Reply Mar 27th, 2011

Been here for 4days now had sun,wind,rain and snow however had a fantastic time

englandguy from United Kingdom Reply Mar 22nd, 2011

Arrived early hours of this morning, had beautiful sunny day all day, no coats were needed!

john wright from United Kingdom Reply Mar 20th, 2011

going to krakow on thurs cant wait told of many place to see and have the odd beer

Shan from Canada Reply Mar 19th, 2011

Heading to Krakow in a week from central Canada, looks like we will have to dress down for Krakow :)

stacey from United Kingdom Reply Mar 18th, 2011

Were traveling to Cracow next week..hoping for glorious sunshine and bitter cold days! Just searching for thethermals now....!!

Steve & Sue from United Kingdom Reply Mar 9th, 2011

We're travelling to Krakow on Friday for seven days. Can't wait. Don't mind the cold just hope it's dry.

Lauren from United Kingdom Reply Mar 8th, 2011

Going to Cracow next the looks of it better get the thermals out lol

Milly from United Kingdom Reply Mar 6th, 2011

Just to add... it's a very dry cold, not like the UK where it's damp and cold. Be prepared - thermals are best! ;0)

Milly from United Kingdom Reply Mar 6th, 2011

Krakow - just been, very cold, very friendly, very cheap! 3 of us eating and drinking £20. Enjoy.

shaz from United Kingdom Reply Mar 6th, 2011

Thanks, anyone going soon, Asda do a good exchange rate, better than travel agents.

from United Kingdom Reply Mar 3rd, 2011

Its very cheap to eat and drink out

shaz from United Kingdom Reply Mar 2nd, 2011

Hi, im going to krakow shortly, is it expensive to eat out?

Emily from United Kingdom Reply Feb 26th, 2011

Im going next week to krakow is there much snow at the moment or forecast this week?

luke from United States Reply Feb 21st, 2011

go to FRANTIC night club.. absolutely amazing, best ive ever bn

John from United Arab Emirates Reply Jan 15th, 2011

I am planning my first business trip to Cracow, Poland by first week of February. What would be the likely temperature? Comming from Dubai hot cliemate, what are the advisable pre-caution to be taken? Which are the place good to be seen, is there a night club?

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply Jan 13th, 2011

There is little snow left but pavements are very slippery.There may be some Snowfall but for now temperature are over 2 degres by night and 4 by day.Well, it is better to take warmer clothes than lighter, and trekking shoes anti slippery outsole.Same advice if you intend to go and visit Zakopane

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