Cheap Flights to Warsaw

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While getting to Warsaw by train seems like the most romantic option, let's face it, if you're coming from London for the weekend the best option is a cheap flight from one of the many budget airlines offering connections to Warsaw. But with the range of budget airlines in Europe, how do you know which one will get you to Warsaw from your city? Luckily, we've compiled a comprehensive list below of direct routes to Warsaw. Keep in mind however that while we try to keep our information as accurate and up to date as possible, flights change pretty regularly so it's best to check with the actual airline before making any plans. And of course, if you find any errors in our flight lists or have any other suggestions, please let us know, we appreciate hearing from you!

&languageAbove: Warsaw's Frederic Chopin Airport

Flights to Warsaw Chopin from:


Brussels South-Charleroi - Wizz Air


Burgas - Wizz Air (seasonal), Norwegian(begins 2 June)


Dubrovnik - Norwegian (seasonal)

Split - Norwegian (seasonal)


Turku - Wizz Air


Paris-Beauvais - Wizz Air


Cologne/Bonn - Germanwings

Dortmund - Wizz Air


Athens - Norwegian (seasonal)

Corfu - Wizz Air (seasonal)


Cork - Wizz Air

Dublin - Aer Lingus


Forl /Bologna - Wizz Air

Milan-Orio al Serio - Wizz Air

Rome-Fiumicino - Wizz Air

Varna - Norwegian (begins 7 June)

Venice-Treviso - Wizz Air

The Netherlands

Eindhoven - Wizz Air


Bergen - Norwegian

Oslo-Gardermoen - Norwegian

Oslo-Sandefjord Torp - Wizz Air

Stavanger - Norwegian


Alicante - Norwegian

Barcelona - Wizz Air

Madrid - Wizz Air

Malaga - Norwegian

Palma de Mallorca - Norwegian


Gothenburg - Wizz Air

Malm Sturup - Wizz Air

Stockholm-Skavsta - Wizz Air


Basel - Swiss

Zurich - Swiss

United Kingdom

Bristol - Wizz Air (begins 19 September)
Doncaster-Sheffield - Wizz Air
Glasgow-Prestwick - Wizz Air
Liverpool - Wizz Air

London-Luton - Wizz Air

Above are the current direct connections to Warsaw, but remember, if you can't find the flight you're looking for, Krakow is just under three hours by train, and many major airlines and most budget carriers service Krakow or Katowice airports. So take a look at our Cheap Flights Krakow page and find your connection!


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United States

there are lots of flights to warsaw and minsk and kiev from warsaw, and also various trains.

Reply Jan 17th, 2011
United Kingdom

Are there any flights to Poland from Russia

Reply Jan 17th, 2011
david pearn
United Kingdom

wizz air, bristol to warsaw starting 19 sept? bristol does not appear on wizz air departure lists of airports. is going to happen

Reply Oct 1st, 2010
terry western
United Kingdom

how come you are taking bookings now from bristol/warsaw, but its not on your online booking form yet. can you explain how one gets through to book without having to make an expensive phone call.

Reply Aug 21st, 2010

Germanwings stops flying from Warsaw to Stuttgart from the end of March. Anyone knows why?

Reply Mar 11th, 2010

Excuse me, i have question is there any cheap flight from Hungary budapest to Warsaw?

Reply Mar 6th, 2010
United Kingdom

Finally you guys got your act together and updated the cheap flights!! :P It only took, like, 3 years...

Reply Sep 9th, 2009

Following the instruction, I want to find a cheap flight from Warsaw to Munich, however it seems that Norwegian has no longer had such flights. So could anyone tell me which cheap flight should I choose now? Thanks a lot.

Reply Oct 28th, 2008

Any idea of the cheapest way to get to Hamburg or Berlin, preferably by plane

Reply Oct 10th, 2008
Warsaw Life

The easiest way to travel within Poland is by train. The journey from Warsaw to Lodz takes about 2 hours, and you can find a complete schedule here:

Reply Feb 4th, 2008

Hi!! I'm really desperate here so i'd appreciate any help that you can give me...i should be in Lodz,19.04 but i can't find any flight from the airports of Skopje, Sofija, Thessaloniki or Belgrade to Warsaw..i'd appreciate and if you can help me how to get from Warsaw to Lodz..thank you in advance Elena

Reply Feb 3rd, 2008
Warsaw Life

Hi Alston, unfortunately there are no direct cheap flights between Russia and Poland - seems to me like a political thing =( anyway, one solution is a cheap flight to Germany, and from Cologne you can fly direct to Moscow. By air or train, either way getting a Russian visa, especially for Americans, is a huge hassle, I would recommend doing it as soon as possible and getting a tourist visa for 30 days. For more info on that, see our Russian visa page over on Moscow Life! - The Warsaw Life Team

Reply Jan 25th, 2008
United States

What about using Warsaw for getting a cheap flight to either Moscow or St. Peterburg Russia? Is it easy for US passport holder to cross into and out of Russia on train, or less hassle with documents by air?

Reply Jan 24th, 2008

Update Dec 12, 07: There is another cheap flight connection from Basel (CH) to Warsaw (special fares for return tickets for 60 Euro/person, incl. tax). See

Reply Dec 12th, 2007

Really helpful! It seems you can get to Warsaw from just about anywhere in Europe, that's great!

Reply Nov 20th, 2007