Cheap Flights to Krakow

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With the range of budget airlines offering cheap flights all over Europe, how do you know which one can get you to Krakow? Well, we've compiled a comprehensive list below of direct routes to Krakow. Whether you're flying from London or Birmingham or Brussels, chances are there's a direct flight to either Krakow or Katowice, which is an hour and a half from Krakow and easily accessible by train or bus. Keep in mind however that while we try to keep our information as accurate and up to date as possible, flights change pretty regularly so it's best to check with the actual airline before making any plans. And of course, if you find any errors in our flight lists or have any other suggestions, please let us know, we appreciate hearing from you!

Above: Krakow's own live music stars Fox Gang are as fond as easyJet as we are!

Flights to Krakow-Balice

From Athens, Greece with CentralWings (
From Belfast, UK with easyJet (
From Birmingham, UK with BMI Baby (
From Bologna, Italy with CentralWings
From Bournemouth, UK with easyJet
From Bristol, UK with easyJet
From Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy with Meridiana (
From Catania, Italy with Meridiana
From Cologne/Bonn, Germany with Germanwings (
From Copenhagen, Denmark with Sterling (
From Cork, Ireland with CentralWings
From Dortmund, Germany with easyJet
From Dublin, Ireland with Aer Lingus (, Ryanair, CentralWings
From Edinburgh, UK with easyJet
From Gerona, Spain with CentralWings
From Glasgow Prestwick, UK with Ryanair (
From Leeds Bradford, UK with Jet2 (
From Liverpool, UK with Ryanair, easyJet
From London Gatwick, UK with CentralWings, easyJet
From London Luton, UK with easyJet
From London Stansted, UK with Ryanair
From Madrid Barajas, Spain with Germanwings
From Manchester, UK with CentralWings
From Milan Orio al Serio, Italy with Ryanair
From Newcastle, UK with Jet2, easyJet
From Nottingham East Midlands, UK with Ryanair
From Oslo Gardermoen, Norway with Norwegian (
From Paris Charles de Gaulle, France with easyJet
From Paris Orly, France with Transavia (
From Rome Ciampino, Italy with CentralWings
From Shannon, Ireland with Ryanair
From Stavanger Sola, Norway with Norwegian
From Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden with Norwegian
From Stuttgart, Germany with Germanwings
From Turin, Italy with Meridiana
From Vienna, Austria with SkyEurope (

Flights to Katowice-Pyrzowice

From Athens, Greece with WizzAir (
From Belfast, UK with WizzAir
From Bournemouth, UK with WizzAir
From Bristol, UK with Ryanair
From Brussels Charleroi, Belgium with WizzAir
From Cologne/Bonn, Germany with WizzAir
From Cork, Ireland with WizzAir
From Coventry, UK with WizzAir
From Doncaster/Sheffield, UK with WizzAir
From Dortmund, Germany with WizzAir
From Dublin, Ireland with CentralWings, Ryanair
From Edinburgh, UK with CentralWings
From Eindhoven, Netherlands with WizzAir
From Frankfurt Hahn, Germany with WizzAir
From Gerona, Spain with WizzAir
From Glasgow Prestwick, UK with WizzAir
From Hurghada, Egypt with CentralWings
From Liverpool, UK with WizzAir
From London Gatwick, UK with WizzAir
From London Luton, UK with WizzAir
From London Stansted, UK with WizzAir
From Malmo Sturup, Sweden with WizzAir
From Milan Orio al Serio, Italy with WizzAir
From Oslo Torp, Norway with WizzAir
From Paris Beauvais, France with WizzAir
From Rome Ciampino, Italy with WizzAir
From Shannon, Ireland with CentralWings
From Stockholm S. Skavsta, Sweden with WizzAir

That's it for the connections to Krakow/Katowice, but remember, if you can't find the flight you're looking for, Warsaw is just under three hours by train, and most major airlines and many budget carriers service Warsaw. So take a look at our Cheap Flights Warsaw page and find your connection!


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Dominican Republic

Nick - Perfect, but you forgot soihmetng: Ryanair have the worst piots in the industry (apart from Libya) the object is to HIT the runway as close to the end as possible to cause spinal compression on the max number of passengers. Once they have done that, the enemy pilot then hits the brakes and reverse thrust as hard as possible to cut passengers in half with lap belts (oh, and to avoid going off the end of the runway.Did you know that Ryanair have managed to put 6 planes off runways in the last 3 years?! The worst in the industry.Flyanscare you have to hate the Bs ..

Reply Dec 4th, 2015
United States

Do you have any flights from the States to Krakow?

Reply Dec 3rd, 2009
United Kingdom

What's with this page? Most of these carriers don't even exist anymore!!! When was the last time this page was updated? Like three years ago? At least the Warsaw page is helpful...

Reply Sep 9th, 2009
United Kingdom

Easyjet flights to Warsaw are being cancelled unfortunately. But still to Krakow of course...

Reply Jun 30th, 2009
United Kingdom

krakow to newcastel and newcastel to krakow

Reply May 26th, 2009
Rose Anne Mc Ardle

very good

Reply Apr 30th, 2009
zoe zarebski
United Kingdom

i just want cheeeeep flight 2 krakow 4 a nose job. can any1 recomend airline travelling frm nottingham east midlands xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanx

Reply Apr 16th, 2009
lidia henshaw
United Kingdom

szkoda ze nie ma zadnych odlotow z katowic do "costa Del Sol" /Malaga /zwlaszcza w czasie urlopowym. obecnie istniejace polaczenia sa niepraktyczne,drogie meczace polaczenia , i strata komunikacje, i nabycie stresu ,a przeciez nie po to chcemy "Sloneczne Wybrzeze" Hiszpanii !

Reply Mar 17th, 2009
a craven
United Kingdom

Your information on flights fom Newcastle to Krakow is out-of-date. Jet2 have not been flying to Krakow for some time now & Easyjet have no flights scheduled beyond January

Reply Jan 3rd, 2009
Anita Martin

Can someone help - what about flights from Prague to Krackow or Katowice and return? We need to fly there on 9 December returning 14 December 08. Thanks Anita

Reply Oct 11th, 2008

Please let me know that which airbus service go to Bournemouth, UK from Karakow, Poland Airport....waiting for your kind info....Thanks

Reply Aug 25th, 2008

i want to nead from rome city to huamburg city germny any tame to 25 july

Reply Jul 16th, 2008
United States

Don't take Centralwings unless you speak Polish AND you don't care when you get to your destination. Worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Reply Jul 8th, 2008
Ula S.

dziekuje, bardzo przydatne. ale sjyeurope juz nie lata do Krakowa.

Reply Jun 21st, 2008
Teresa Rzepa
United Kingdom

Central Wings has stopped flying from Manchester to Krakow! Mancunians now have to fly from Liverpool, I regret to say!

Reply May 1st, 2008

Thanks for such a comprehensive list. It's great to know you can get to Krakow from just about anywhere in Europe (or get anywhere from Krakow)!

Reply Nov 20th, 2007