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Best Club In Vilnius posted by bluestaple

What is the best club in Vilnius? Let me know. [Read more]

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hi posted by ricardo

hi there i will be working in vilnius for about 10 days from saturday just wanted to know about any good bars and places to eat or people who want to meet up. [Read more]

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May 5-10 posted by 1MORLAP

Hi there: I will be around for the first time in Vilnius on May. (5-10) What activities - both day and night are suggested. Think staying in a hotel… [Read more]

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Hours... posted by 1MORLAP

How late are bars and clubs open in Vilnius? [Read more]

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Festival March 2010 posted by liser2010

Visited Vilnius for the first time this weekend, very charming city. Could someone explain the festival this weekend? What is it called? What is the… [Read more]

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Tips for Vilnius posted by the_chimp

Hi, Here is some info for travelers in Vilnius! airport: 6km from the centre The buses that are available at the airport:     * Bus line… [Read more]

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Somewhere Special posted by RichardB

Hi. Does anyone know a good place where I can take my girlfriend for our anniversary? Preferably somewhere we won't be harassed by too many buskers and girls… [Read more]

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Scary sausages posted by Mike99

Hi. Am coming to Vilnius next week and just read a scary story about poisonous sausages being on sale in the city. Does anyone have any idea what kind of… [Read more]

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Most beautiful place in Vilnius posted by bassin

Hey Vilnius! I wonder if you can tell me what's the most beautiful spot in town? Am planning to drop by on our backpackin trip this year. Thanx! [Read more]

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New Guest house Nileja in Vilnius posted by bosiuke

Hey, just been in Vilnius and enjoyed the stay in wonderful guest house Nileja, it was recommended by a friend:) not expensive and very cosy. Give a try - www.n [Read more]

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please help me:) posted by ernest

where I can watch tonight football match croatia - england ...maybe some bar or some other place ! [Read more]

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Do's and Don'ts posted by eastbound

Hi there, I was wondering, what kind of tips should I know about ie 'when in Vilnius, do as the Vilnians do?' Thanks for help in advance! [Read more]

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Place to Stay posted by sbrown

Hi, myself and 5 other blokes are coming over to Vilnius in March and was wondering where the best area to Stay, i.e. closest to the night life. Thanks. [Read more]

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virus? posted by katerina

After interacting with this web site my email inbox was wiped out on 3 different occasions. My reviews were bad. You don't retaliate do you? [Read more]

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Reservation 100 Litas posted by Paskalis

San Marco Restaurant, Vilnius Old Town 31.12.2007 +/- 10:30pm While getting the bill we (2 persons) were invited to pay 100 Litas because we were making a… [Read more]

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please remove my response posted by katerina

Please remove the response on the first page of your website. Whenever anyone googles my name, this comment comes up in the web site list. That is a violation… [Read more]

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