Vilnius Entertainment A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the entertainment in Vilnius, listed on Local Life.

Baltic Vikings

Vilnius Viking Boat Tours 

0 reviews

Boulingo Karalius

Bowling bastion near the Barbacan 

1 review


Wrist-Twising Fun 

0 reviews

LABAS Adventure Park

Get into the Swing 

0 reviews


More stars than a Church of Scientology 

1 review

Prosperas Riding Centre

Start horsing around 

1 review

SKALVIJA Cinema Centre

Independent art cinema 

4 reviews

The Capitals Golf Club

Golf in a mythical landscape 

2 reviews

Theatre 4D [closed]

Superfluous technology shows its stuff 

0 reviews

Time Out

Boot up the PlayStation ! 

4 reviews

Vichy Aqua Park

Get fitted for a coconut bra 

5 reviews

Vilnius Out There

I heard they had hot girls Out There 

1 review

Vilnius Pub Crawl

Follow the leader to a land of beer 

0 reviews