Tips for Vilnius

Hi, Here is some info for travelers in Vilnius! airport: 6km from the centre The buses that are available at the airport:     * Bus line no. 1 - Vilnius Airport – Vilnius Central Station     * Bus line no. 2 - Vilnius airport - City Center - Šeškinė (the north of        the city) Taxi's are mostly 1,25 LT / If you pick a waiting cab you pay an additional 5 LT. So It's better to call even if they are just in front of you. (phonenumber is written on the taxi's) I know, it's sounds silly, but trust me. Information centre The best information center you can find in the city hall (didzioji square). It's a seperate entrance Uzupis This is the artist district. It's a cosy part of the town and well-know. bars & clubs A nice international bar is "Cafe du paris" owned by a french guy. It's in Pilies Street. A nice club is "Woo" with lots of parties. A rockbar is Pogo baras. They have often free concerts. It's in Vilniaus Street 12. The club which has a lot of stereotype beautiful girls is "Prospekto" in Gedimino Street. Also a really nice service organization is They offer different day-time activities and guided nightlife with a hostess that takes you to the nicest spots in town. (You can also book accomodation through them)(They also have a list with countries that fly to Vilnius and the airports) restaurants If you want to eat rather cheap and local dishes. There is a chain called Chili Kaimas. I think normal dishes are between 10 and 30-40 LT (3- 10 EUR) For people who like a kebab/pita in a "normal" way: There is one in Traku Street 15. If you want to each a national dish. Ask for "Zeppeliniai" or zeppelins. Standard with sour cream, but you can ask other sauces. Also really nice is the "pink soup". It's a cold beet soup. It looks strange when you see it, but really tasty! Accomodation hostels/B&B/cheap hotels : For all hotels you can go to > hotels > vilnius I hope it's useful. Enjoy the city, It's a wonderful one!

- Posted by the_chimp from Lithuania on Nov 12th, 2009

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