Vilnius Weather

What's the weather in Vilnius like?

What sort of weather do they get in Vilnius? Just how cold does it get in winter? You've come to the right place for the answer. Intrepid as you may be, before you head out you better take a peek at our five-day forecast to get the latest on the city's meteorological mood.

Generally speaking, Vilnius' climate oscillates between 'continental' and 'maritime' (whatever that means). The average annual temperature is a piddly +6 degrees centigrade thanks to rather brutal winters which witness the sustained freezing of all nearby lakes and rivers. Temperatures in January and February rarely climb above freezing and -25 degree days are not particularly noteworthy. As such, winter accessories such as hats and gloves, scarves and bevy of thermal undergarments are necessary items to pack for any foray into the city this time of year. If you do plan a trip during winter, you'll hardly be disappointed as Vilnius is absolutely gorgeous in the winter tucked under its sheets of snow and the nightlife is still very palpable. Those persistent enough to suss it out will find themselves shedding layers as soon as they step indoors. Ice-fishing is a popular local activity, and we absolutely recommend procuring a snow disc or trashcan lid as Vilnius has some great hills for sledding, particularly Taurus Hill and the area near the Bastion. And when the temperature breaks through its seasonal glass ceiling in late February/early March, the ice floes down the Neris River are a spectacular photo opportunity.

But back to the topic at hand: Summers can be hot with temperatures sometimes climbing over +30 during the day, but the July average lingering around +17 degrees centigrade. Swimmers on the banks of the Vilnia in Uzupis have the right idea, as do those fortunate enough to have snagged a seat outside at one of Vilnius' still rather small clutch of bars and cafes with outdoor seating areas. This time of year the nightlife is certainly at its peak, doing as much to heat up the city as the weather, so you've got your pick of packed parties and playgrounds. Due to the city's relatively recent consideration as a tourist destination, the summer crowds are not yet overbearing enough to warrant scheduling your visit around, but May and September are still the top months to be here. We'll take sexy Vilnius University students over loutish holidaymakers any day.


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United Kingdom

have been there 18times vilnius wat can i say its relly nice in the spring butt cold in the winter the old town is fab good bars restaunts and much more if your looking four fun .. the food id very good and the revell hotle is the best the 26 floor bar and clud looks 360 around the new city and you can see the old town and fal in love whit this place four ever so my freands go and see it four you sleff and the beer is the best no hang overs ever pur gold and its cheap ,,, butt dont gett to junk because,of the money thing and taixs..thye spen it four you if you have the time go and have some hot baths aswell whit the vodka nice best of luck brian from the uk

Mar 29th, 2012