New Interactive Tallinn Map!

As promised (o-so long ago), Tallinn Life has finally unveiled its new whiz-bang, stone-sexy interactive Tallinn city map. We know you want to grip it up, and you can. Use the cursor to cop a feel from Toompea to Pirita; move in and out with the zoom function; enhance your experience with the satellite imagery and see every perfectly-placed beauty mark on this beguiling city.

Creaming the cake (so to speak) is the fact that you'll find every restaurant, hotel, bar, club, museum etc listed on our site tagged on the map. Just choose a field from the left and every corresponding place will 'raise its flag,' showing you exactly where to find it. Click each tag and you'll get a link to to more info from our site. With our new Tallinn map, exploring Tallinn has never been more satisfying!

In addition to our new interactive map of Tallinn, we've added the same features to all of our other sites as well. Take a trip to Vilnius Life, Wroclaw Life, Warsaw Life etc to start reaping the benefits!

Vilnius Map
Cracow Map
Moscow Map
Riga Map
Gdansk Map


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