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If your holiday goes as planned you will no doubt spend your entire time in one of the following three establishments: your hotel, a swanky restaurant, a cheap pub. Unfortunately life is cruel.

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Narva maantee 1
Arrivals Hall, Tallinn Airport

2. Avis

4 reviews
Liivalaia 40
Mardi 3
Parnu mnt. 102c

5. Medicover

2 reviews
Ravala pst. 4-715

6. R-Rent

0 reviews
Estonia pst. 15

7. Pindi Kinnisvara

0 reviews
Tatari 64

8. Interlex

0 reviews
Lennujaama tee, 2

9. Europcar

0 reviews
Lootsi 13

10. Tallink Silja

0 reviews
Pärnu mnt 91

11. Tallink Taxi

0 reviews
Sadama 25

12. Port of Tallinn

0 reviews

Who knows when your wisdom teeth are going to querulously demand extraction, your irritable bowel syndrome play up or your leg require emergency amputation after your mate 'hilariously' threw you in front of a tram? For the solution to these and many more pleasant needs check our services directory.

Reviews about Tallinn Services

A lot of gibberish. And by the way, the post office at Narva Maantee has been closed since 1.1.2019.

Tallinn Central Post Office

za P,O, BOX7031,14000 TALLINN Kupio sam dva diska od vas i nijedan nije evropski standard.4 Inch Grinder Chain Disc 22 Tooth Wood Carving Disc For 100/115 Angle Grinder. ARBOR kupljenog disca je 16 mm,a Evropski standard je 22 mm i taj meni treba.sada mi je disk beskoristan.Možeteli ispraviti grešku ? for P, O, BOX7031,14000 TALLINN I bought two disks from you and no European standard.4 Inch Grinder Chain Disc 22 Tooth Wood Carving Disc For 100/115 Angle Grinder. The ARBOR of the purchased disc is 16 mm, and the European standard is 22 mm and that i need. Now my disk is useless. Want to correct the mistake?

Tallinn Central Post Office

Box 7031 14002 what is gris for company? I need to Contact them.

Tallinn Central Post Office

Ich suche: P.O. Box 7058 14002 Tallin ? Danke!

Tallinn Central Post Office

Booked and paid fully online. Delivery was 10 minutes late (D-terminal in harbor). Car was brand new and excellent. 4 stars so far. I returned the car as advised (full tank) on sunday. But next week they charged my credit card extra 36 % without any explanations - totally unforgivable.


Make sure your car doesnt have any scratches on before you drive away. I had to pay because I missed something in the rain.

United States,

I appreciate your website, I live in the USA, I have a problem and was able to get on line and email the post office, i hope you are able to help me, thanks

United States,
Tallinn Central Post Office

This is exactly my favourite type of place! Wonderful that it exists!

Central Library (Foreign Literature)

Good service, good English, easy to deal with.

United Kingdom,

What a great idea! Luckily I didn't have to use this service during my visit, but it's good to know that there is something like this for the people of Tallinn.

United States,
AIDS Prevention Center