Culture in Tallinn

Looking for culture? Well you've come to the right place! Tallinn may be a tiny fraction of the size of London, Paris, Moscow and Berlin (only 430,000 people to be precise!), but it still boasts a surprisingly beefy cultural programme for tourists and locals alike.

From splendid medieval landmarks and fascinating museums to cutting-edge theatre and modern film festivals, you are guaranteed to find something you like in Tallinn. The city even has its very own Opera House for God's sake - eat your heart out Sydney! If you would like a fuller picture on Tallinn's culture then either use the filters above, or use our directory, to hunt down the individual treasures that you're after.

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Lai 50

1. St Olav's Church

6 reviews
Weizenbergi 37

2. Kadriorg Palace

4 reviews
Mäekalda 2
Raekoja plats 1

4. Tallinn Town Hall

3 reviews
Toompea 8

5. Museum of Occupations

7 reviews
Toomkooli 6

6. Toomkirik

3 reviews

7. The Bronze Soldier

7 reviews
Lossi plats 10
Estonia pst. 4

9. Tallinn Opera House

2 reviews
Lossi plats 1

10. Toompea Castle

1 review
Weizenbergi 34 / Valge 1

11. KUMU Art Museum

1 review
Ahtri 2
Kloostrimetsa 58a

13. TV Tower

1 review
Pikk 17
Sakala 3

16. Theatre NO99

0 reviews

Reviews about Culture in Tallinn

Although I am originally from Stockholm, Sweden. I live in the USA (Maryland) since 1979 but look at St Olav's Church as a treasured family church and parish. One of my more recognized (Reval) ancestor was Heinrich VIII von Knorring (1595-1679) that was buried at the church on March 6, 1679. Additionally, many additional ancestors were baptized, confirmed, married and laid to rest at the church. Heinrich is my 9th Great Grandfather. Given the opportunity I would love to visit Reval and, St Olof's Church especially. Time will tell. Dan

United States,
St Olav's Church

I have been there a few times and think it well worth the visit..very interesting. Even the museum across from it is worth seeing...a nice walk from Tallin center.

United States,
Kadriorg Palace

Nice pictures on Facebook wall :)

Peter the Great Home Museum

Very strange place.

Museum of Occupations

Important place to visit.

United Kingdom,
Museum of Occupations

It was amazing to discover a rare old portrait of Mikhail Fyodorovich, the grandfather of Peter the Great. Turns out that a copy of the portrait displayed in the Russian Tretyakov gallery but the original is kept in this small house. Undoubtedly worth a visit. And ask for a guided tour!

United States,
Peter the Great Home Museum

A unique and fascinating place to visit.

United Kingdom,
Peter the Great Home Museum

Overwhelming and deeply moving.

United Kingdom,
Museum of Occupations

I am visiting Tallin from the 2 to 6 of may i want to se a opera on the 4 of may, i think it is Carmen. Can you please send me information, how i can get ticket

Tallinn Opera House

Nice place with interesting information related to Estonian history, habits and believes.

Estonian History Museum