Tallinn bars & pubs

Tallinn's nightlife hardly needs introducing. Over the last few years the city has established an enviable reputation for hedonism that has reached the ears of many an epicurean.

It's no longer just the Finns that rush to these Baltic shores, but a cosmopolitan crowd from around the world - and yes, this does include the all-too-easily-spotted British stag nighter. Whilst rarely covering themselves in glory, these boys are mostly harmless and won't spoil your own exploration of the city's nightlife. However, the usual rules apply about feeding the animals...

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Pikk 39

1. Hell Hunt

19 reviews
Vana-Viru 14

2. Venus Club

7 reviews
Rataskaevu 10/12

3. Von Krahli Baar

2 reviews
Voorimehe 4

4. Depeche Mode Baar

23 reviews
Parnu mnt. 28

5. Cafe VS

4 reviews
Harju 6

6. Club Privé

5 reviews
Mere pst. 6e

7. Scotland Yard

5 reviews
Harju str. 6

8. X Club

11 reviews
Vana-Posti 8

9. Hollywood

19 reviews
Dunkri 5

10. Beer House

11 reviews
Mundi 2

11. Molly Malone's

6 reviews
Viru valjak 4

12. Cafe Amigo

5 reviews
Viru valjak 6

13. CatHouse

3 reviews
Suur-Karja 4

14. Nimeta Bar

13 reviews
Tatari 1

15. X-Baar

4 reviews
Olevimagi 12

16. Levist Valjas

3 reviews

Reviews about Tallinn bars & pubs

We ate in MammaMia Clazz on 17/02/23, The Maitre ‘d was rude when taking the order, she was very abrupt, we should have have walked then, we ordered the bruschetta to start, the bread was rock hard, I order Lasagne as main, it was dry & lacked flavour. I would safely say the worse Italian meal I ever had. The only redeeming part of the experience was the entertainment. The guy on piano was great. I paid 4 the meal & brought my complaint to the manager, he offered a complimentary drink & then no one ever appeared. Very bad first experience.


All go robbery this shit place,jewerly,phone and 500€ stolen credit card. Drink some extra drugs. Please do not go there. Mafia criminals own this place.



Hell Hunt

Don't go here if you're drunk and a foreigner. They will try to take advantage of you. I was press-ganged into entering the premises by a man on the street. When I made my way into the club, there were no other customers, but a lot of women. I was initially charged €20 for a beer, which I thought was unreasonably priced. A girl then approached me, asked me for my name and a drink. I agreed, but when the bartender presented me with the card machine, the sum I was going to be charged was €250! Fortunately, I was still lucid enough to refuse payment, and promptly left the club.

X Club

Lugedes kommentaare-arvamusi, siis jäb silma, et välismaalased laidavad ja kõik mainivad, et neile oli pandud midagi kahtlast joogi sisse, pakun, et see klubi teevadki välismaalstega selliseid asju. Ma külastasin ja kui midagi pärast ei pannud tähele, et oleksin ennast imelikuna tundnud.

The Score

Admission 20 euros

X Club

Shit hole. You pay 10 euro just to enter. Nobody dances unless you pay tips of 5 euro to every stripper. And I'm not talking about private dances, only about show in common area. So, I paid 10 euro only to be allowed to sit there and buy expensive drink. Workers of this club probably never went to any normal club and don't know how it works.

The Score



Best girls in Tallinn! Sooo good looking and have great humor. Drinks are really good quality.


Hele helgen tilbrakte i denne klubben, bartenderen er kul, jentene la meg ikke kjede meg, veldig interessant tid. Tallinn er en by av natteliv!