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As promised (would we renege?), you now behold our new dynamic, zoomable map of Tallinn, replete with tags marking all the listings on our site. Click and drag your cursor to explore different areas of the city and click on the categories at the left to find the exact locations of all your soon-to-be favorite places in Tallinn. It doesn't get any easier than this!

It is also a good idea to check out our page about the top ten things to do in Tallinn to give you some ideas of all the great activities you can enjoy in the city

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United Kingdom

Thanks for this map - it was useful.

Apr 4th, 2015
United States

I'm pissed, its the 3rd time i'm trying to locate by the street name and it keeps sending me to this particular page to "leave my comment" well here it is, its extremely annoying when all you need is to find something and instead of it you should be wasting your time on filling out some forms!!! Ridiculous

Oct 30th, 2011

Excellent map, very helpful for the novice. Thanks

Aug 4th, 2011
United Kingdom

great map, easy to use, well done

Jun 12th, 2011
Just visiting

You can see ferry routes and terminals (there are a few for different companies) to Finland by moving in the map to north-east direction from old town of Tallinn. You can normally buy tickets straight from terminal in both ways, in Tallinn and Helsinki. There are so many different boats going on that you dont have to wait for a long time, Just go to harbour and ask about next boats. Good Luck. (and remember to drink a lot!)

Aug 20th, 2008
Martins Berzins

nice website!

Aug 13th, 2008
United States

where's the port? Since many will enter the city via Helsinki it seems to me that being able to fid the port would be useful

Jun 2nd, 2008
Peter Broadwood
United Kingdom

It's a very useful map, but it does need more places marked on it. Not everything which is on the site yet has a marker on the map!

Mar 11th, 2008

Whoa! I see you've added some features to the map--this is great! The best map of Tallinn on the web!

Sep 18th, 2007

Great map of Tallinn. Keep up the good work boys!

Jun 27th, 2007
United States

Frickin finally! For taking so long it's a good thing this is so brilliant. At least you boys are good on yer word. Now where's my weather?

May 10th, 2007