Riga Bars & Clubs

I drink therefore I am. You don't need a PhD in philosophy to realise that drinking is man's greatest pleasure - you just need to consult any Latvian.

Let's face it, there wasn't much else to do during Communism and old habits have a tendency to die hard. So get into the national spirit of things by hunting down some of Riga's best cafes, pubs and clubs and ordering yourself a pint or shot of Latvia's finest. There's a decent bar on every corner of the Old Town and a few of the venues here are on a par with some of the best in Europe. Check out our directory and see what the reviews say.

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32 Valnu iela

17. Depo

7 reviews
Kalku 24

18. Roxy Club

14 reviews
12/14 Kalku iela

19. Martini

3 reviews
A. Kalnina iela 4

20. XXL

35 reviews
Peldu street 21, Riga (old town)
Elizabetes iela 49

22. Jockey Club

1 review
Grēcinieku Street 4

23. Paddy Whelan's

1 review
Smilšu street 16

24. Ala Pagrabs

1 review
Kr. Valdemāra 4

25. Leningrad

1 review
Mazā Miesnieku 1

26. Krogs Aptieka

1 review
Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvā

27. Nabaklab

1 review
Jauniela 19/1

28. Spot Kafe

1 review
Peldu iela 26/28

29. Pulkvedis

2 reviews
R.Vagnera 8 (enter Gleznotaju)

30. Austrumu Robeza

1 review
Vecpilsētas 12

31. Cetri Balti Krekli

1 review
Peldu ielā 19

32. Kabata

1 review

Reviews about Riga Bars & Clubs

Was not happy about me and my friends not being able to order food while watching a fotball game because of us standing at the only available, but seemingly wrong part of the bar.

Kiwi Bar

Beautiful place , shit staff. They really need hospility and customer service classes ungently . I’d recommend you to go and buy the cheapest one just to be able to relax in the amazing area up stairs and avoid contact with the staff, they might bite!

Apsara Tea House

It was crazy night!

TOP Club

Nice bar

TOP Club

We want to visit. We are old couple. Is it permitted?

Moon Safari

Great place for young people. Nice vibes and good beer. Hostel has all it needs and is nice an clean.

Aussie Backpackers Pub

Great place for good time


VW camper bar is worth a visit to this bar alone Wish I had it in my home back in Scotland

Aussie Backpackers Pub

yeah... empty place. The only few visitors were looking more like old pedophiles. Agressive, russian only speaking doorman... Nah...


Best tea house and best place in Riga! I will never forget. Best tea, trying to get some shipped over to Germany as I never had that good green tea again

Apsara Tea House